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Is There Ever a 'Right' or 'Wrong' Time to Advertise?

The ethics of advertising is a tricky game to play. The game is even more relevant now that COVID-19 has swept a lot of the globe. The pandemic makes advertisers and consumers alike question: is there a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time to advertise? Despite the many sides to that question, advertising helps make the world go ‘round. To stay delicate, sensible, and respectful, ask yourself these 4 questions when advertising at a time where many people feel like it’s not quite right to do. 

Is my advertising taking away from the greater good? 

If your advertisements are going to be shock value ads, now may not be a good time to post them. It is critical to remember that when the general population says it’s the wrong time to advertise, they are probably right. As the world begins to heal from COVID-19, it is critical that your advertisements aid in social inclusion and healing. People love distractions, but make sure that your advertisements are helping in the greater good. If you need an ad campaign that fits perfectly in the quest for the greater good, The Dillon Ross Group is here to help! 

Is my advertising being used as an experiment? 

A/B advertisement testing is an experimental mode of testing how your advertising is landing on different platforms. During a pandemic like COVID-19, A/B Testing could be a good experiment as ad prices are low. There is nothing wrong with seeing how your ads are stacking up. However, remember to make your testing ads respectful, inclusive, and good senses of the market and how you fit in it. Many companies are identifying ways to restructure in this pandemic, so do the same for your ads!

Is my advertising forward-thinking?

Be forward-thinking in your advertisements. Whether it be the right or wrong time for advertising, your ads need to be forward-thinking, innovative, and very interesting. In a world post-COVID-19, which will look different than the world before, advertisers must think broadly. An important thing to also remember is how you are factoring in the world around you. Be sensitive to changes in society and the world. For example, public health in the United States, particularly, will no doubt change narratives in the lives of many Americans. 

Make sure that your ads are following along in that narrative to stay relevant and progressive. 

Who has a say in my advertising message? 

When creating ad campaigns in a time where people may argue the appropriateness of the timing, you need to be thoughtful about who is constructing your message. We have all seen failed or inappropriate ads, memes, or messages from companies. You don’t want to be next. Be thoughtful, precise, and careful about what ads are coming from your company, service, or brand. You must have a team that is updated on current issues. Ads play a huge role in many people’s lives. 


The Dillon Ross Group works with brands and companies all around the United States that have complex messages. We love to go deep with our clients; our work is important because the population that sees it is essential. 


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