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About DRG

Our focus is always on providing our clients the greatest ROI

At the Dillon Ross Group, we've developed a proven process and framework that allows us to work with businesses of all sizes, and help them scale via SEO marketing.

About Us

Our Story

In 2018, Dillon Ross, our founder, decided it was time to formally start a business that utilized his creativity and marketing ability to support small businesses with their promotional efforts. With this thinking, the company of Dillon Ross Promotions was born. Dillon Ross Promotions partnered with bars and nightclubs to help promote a night of the week and bring in new business. While it was a success, Dillon realized it wasn't the direction he wanted the company to go in.

In 2019, Dillon Ross Promotions became The Dillon Ross Group, a full-service marketing agency that helped businesses with everything online. Quickly, the company began growing and was working with a great group of clients in various industries. Still, with Dillon's continuous forward-thinking mindset, our vision needed refining.


In 2021, Dillon decided that The Dillon Ross Group would officially become Dillon Ross Group. We no longer need it to convey that we're a leader in our space. Additionally, instead of offering many marketing services, we exclusively provide SEO marketing to businesses wanting to win page one rankings.

The decision to only offer one service was not made quickly, but we made it with a clearly defined process, strategy, and a proper evaluation of what we're great at.

At our SEO agency, we have refined our service down to an exact framework and understand what to do for our clients to help them win page one rankings on Google.

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