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SEO for Gyms

Our Client:

This client is a gym that is located in the Sherman Oaks, California area. They are an open membership style gym, that also offers private training services to members.

Project Duration

For a total of 14 months, we worked with this gym client to improve their gym's SEO and win page one rankings.


The ultimate goal of our SEO engagement was to drive more traffic to the website, which would lead people to to come to the gym and potentially become a member.

Problem Statement

The client previously retained a gym SEO agency that did not generate results. The client wanted to rank highly for terms like, "gyms in Sherman Oaks".

Strategy Overview

SEO is not an overnight fix. Doing SEO the right way takes patience, commitment and an understanding of the work that goes into a proper SEO strategy.

Step 1

We performed in-depth market research and competitor analysis. We investigated their website and competition and determined the best strategy for them. We also took a look at easy-win keywords and found the gaps in their existing content.

Step 2

We set up all of the necessary tracking codes and ensure that all of those have codes have been correctly implemented on the client's website. With this tracking implementation, we can track and follow where people find their business.

Step 3

At this point, we have now begun conducting keyword research and picking the relevant keywords we want to target and track for this SEO campaign. This client wanted to target geo-based keywords like "gyms in Sherman Oaks."

Step 4

We performed a site audit, discovering any website issues that required immediate action. For example, this client was missing meta descriptions on a few of their current website pages, so we made those fixes.

Step 5

We began doing our work on this website. We first started with any on-page work was needed to optimize the existing website, then we began producing monthly blog content. We also started to build quality backlinks from relevant websites to push our clients' rankings up in the search engine results pages (SERP).

Keyword Rankings

SEO gym rankings

Google Results

SEO for Gyms
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