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Our SEO Process

Here's how it works

1. Campaign Setup

Once you've onboarded, the team will complete a full setup of your account, including adding your business to our SEO tool, setting up Google Analytics, Search Console, and more.

2. Keyword Research

Our team will research and analyze keywords for your SEO campaign, and then we'll send them to you for approval before implementation.

3. On-Page Optimizations

Our team will constantly optimize your website, including the title tag, meta description, image alt tag, heading tags, and other on-page optimizations.

4. Content Creation

To help increase your sites domain authority, our team will create custom blog content for your site with chosen keywords to get it ranking. We handle everything from topic generation, research, writing, and posting to your website.

5. Backlink Development

Backlinks are an essential part of every SEO campaign. Our team ensures you have diverse links across the internet that point to your website. The more quality backlinks your site has, signifies to Google that it can trust your website.

6. Ongoing Management

We set up a private Slack channel to discuss progress and answer any questions. You can check in on progress through our proprietary SEO platform and monitor your keywords and results anytime, anywhere.

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