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Everyone wants to rank first on Google but isn't sure how to do it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is something that seems to be a popular topic of discussion these days, and for a good reason. But, before we talk to you about what The Dillon Ross Group, a search engine optimization agency, can do for your website, let's talk about what it is and how it operates first.

What is SEO?

Owning a business is certainly not easy. Whether your business model is providing a tangible good, offering a professional service, or creating deliverable content - you not only want to, but you need to get the word out. The advancements the marketing industry has made over the years gives you the capability to promote your company and explain the answer to your customer's questions, especially their main one - why is your business better than your competition? None of this is new; however, the technology we use and the ways we approach it has changed. 


Technology has changed tremendously throughout the years. Businesses are now able to reach consumers beyond what their local network limits them. A high quality, fully optimized website serves as a digital medium, offering businesses a multitude of ways to generate new business through SEO. You may ask, what is SEO? SEO is algorithm-dependent work performed on your website to improve your site's ranking on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


What seems like a mindless task for a consumer to go on a search engine and browse for results is a task-heavy process for a business to get listed and rank highly behind the scenes. When users search for particular keywords or phrases, and a website has been correctly optimized for those keywords, there is an excellent chance of that site appearing in the results pages. How high the website ranks leans on the utilization of various factors, including both on-page SEO and off-page SEO tactics.


The process of performing SEO practices extend well beyond using related keywords throughout new, winning, and understandable content. As you will learn, creating relevant internal and external links within your website, mobile optimization, localization, image compression, site speed, and security are all essential pieces of the SEO process. Ensuring that these factors come together, concisely has everything to do with knowing the type of audience making these search queries, and in what circumstances they explore answers. Did we mention Google's (the search engine calling the shots) ability to change things up in the SEO world from time to time? Let's explore these further.


A Reliable SEO Strategy Puts Your Website in the Right Place

What SEO does is boosts your digital appearance and push organic traffic (as opposed to paid search or search engine marketing) to the website in a variety of ways. It is a tremendously robust way for search engines to find your website and show it as a “hit” when someone searches for your product or service. The ultimate goal of SEO is to improve your site and help it earn a higher ranking in the SERP so that you show up earlier for your target consumers. 


Unfortunately, in the world of SEO, if you are not on the first page of SERP, you are virtually non-existent. Try and remember a time where you have went to the fifth or sixth page and used one of the results. Now you recognize why it’s crucial to be on top.


At The Dillon Ross Group, through the work of our web developers and SEO copywriters, we study your business, assessing the most suitable keywords and search terms by using critical online tools. Our group then works to ensure that your website is compliant with the most modern SEO trends and requirements, enabling it to rank higher than your competitors, both locally and distant.

If you are not on the first page of SERP, you are virtually non-existent.

A Strategic SEO Strategy Includes:

• We will write SEO optimized copy that includes thoroughly extracted keywords, internal website links, and search phrases within the text, in a way that sustains readability for your viewers and operates within the rules of search engines.

• Implementing local SEO to put your business on various digital listings and to generate reviews further

• Incorporating relevant Meta Tags – these are not noticeable to site visitors, coded in the back-end, with keywords for each page that assist search engines to your website. 

• Setting up Google Analytics on your website, which provides reports on how your site is functioning, where users are clicking, and the online avenues or search engines they use to find you.

• Title tags for every page that are written well and picked wisely

• Implement a link-building strategy to help connect your business and website with other high ranking domains within your industry. 

Will SEO Really Help My Business?

When The Dillon Ross Group designs and develops your website, we ensure that it's highly operative and easy to navigate. Additionally, we provide the delivery of dependable, well-regarded search engine optimization procedures.


Your website is your virtual home; you've done everything you need to build and furnish it, but now you have to live in it and maintain it, so it's always presentable and performs just like you need it to do. It's the same approach when it comes to SEO. It presents a solid base for your website's digital presence, its success in organic search, and over time, becomes a vital element in proper website maintenance.


Your SEO program should be a continuous endeavour to lead more consumers to your website or have your name appear more regularly in front of your target audience. Having this constant program can lead to more business inquiries and, better yet, more sales – or in digital marketing language, a higher conversion rate. In the digital world, website traffic and conversions are the primary currency, and proper SEO can produce many awards.


It's essential to recognize that SEO pushes traffic organically via the many methods noted above. Organic traffic serves to advertise your company's brand, brings in more business leads, and eventually heightens your business. When you cease putting human resources behind your SEO, through time, you will see those advantages decrease. But don't you worry, The Dillon Ross Group never stops working!

A Case Study Involving SEO

A New Website Build-Out and an SEO Program Integration Generated a Significant Increase in Website Traffic, as well as Leads for a New Jersey Catering Company

A local catering company in Northern New Jersey approached The Dillon Ross Group in regards to redesigning their current website to make it more visually appealing, suited for mobile devices, and optimized for SEO. The SEO group at The Dillon Ross Group redesigned its entire website to give it a youthful, relatable, and consistent look. Also, we added content to make the copy full of keywords, reproduced targeted title tags for each page, and proper meta descriptions, amongst other link-building strategies. These all the steps needed to optimize the site, and help drive traffic to the website to boost the conversion rate. 


This client of ours, over time, saw positive results in regards to customers continually commenting on how impressive their new website looks and an increase in lead generation. Organic traffic to their new website grew tremendously within the first month of redesigning it. Our client went from generating 3-5 leads to 8-12 leads per month from the SEO program we put in place.    


So, are you ready to grow your business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?

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