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The Secrets of Good Advertising

Thus, unless an ad blocker is in use, ads are constantly being witnessed.

For an advertisement to stand out and stick to the minds of its viewers, it has to hit one of these criteria:

1. Subjugating the reptilian brain

2. Appealing to positive-moral psyche

The Use of Anthropomorphizing

An advertisement consisting of short deliverance of a message is no longer functional. It will be perceived as a hollow message from a faceless, nameless person. Anthropomorphizing or adopting human-like characteristics and tendencies is the formula for the win.

The criteria mentioned above are the two ways to appear more human.

An influential advertisement seeking to hit the reptilian nature of humans is done in these ways:

1. Using Controversial, Bold Subjects For The Ad

A controversial subject is sure to attract viewers to itself. It increases engagement and discussion of the ad among people and, in doing so, indirectly markets for itself and attracts more people.

2. Using Sex, Death, and Violence Subtly or Directly In The Ad

Think of condom ads or vintage print advertisements. The effects of such subjects are more unconscious than conscious. Thus, it holds a firm grip over its audience.

3. Presenting a Risk-Seeking/Addicting Behavior As A Subject For The Ad

About the last point, risk-seeking behaviors fire an adrenaline high inside the viewer without their involvement. Its exhilaration is its drawing factor.

Image Source: Adam Lambert-Gorwyn from FreeImages

4. Presenting Commodities As A Possession To Be Pursued

Encasing the advertisement as a trailer for a lifestyle that would be achieved if one amassed a considerable sum of money has also seemed to work for some ads.

Less dominant than the above: these are also essential components of successful ads:

1. Use of Humor

Meme marketing, perhaps new but with good deliverance, can hook people to the ad. Before its prominence, however, good jokes, humor, or puns had also bolstered its place in the advertising world.

2. Use of Beauty

Beauty captured can be of nature or people. Good videography and effects over the right music will also do the job. However, an ad relying only on beauty needs to be outstanding.

3. An Application of Good Morals

In some cases, a good moral value has also done the job. It is similar to the excellent feeling received when someone finishes reading a children’s book with a happy ending.

4. Use of Cute Elements

Think of dogs, cats, or babies. If the product featured in the advertisement looks or can be perceived as adorable, that would be even better. Humans are drawn to everything that reminds them of the young one of their kind.


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