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4 Reasons You Should be Promoting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn deserves more hype. Hands down, LinkedIn is the most misunderstood and unused social media platform for small businesses and small business owners. The thing that sets LinkedIn apart from other similar platforms is the fact that LinkedIn fosters a community that is engaged, active, and out to help one another. LinkedIn Premium is a great tool as well. If you are a small business or small business owner, you need to get on LinkedIn today. There are 4 basic reasons you should be promoting your brand and business on LinkedIn today. 

1: You can meet industry partners. 

There are millions on LinkedIn. Not just people, either. There are businesses, brands, groups, communities, and industry leaders that are continually publishing content that can be used across the board. Have questions about getting off the ground with your business? Head to LinkedIn. Want to reconnect with that friend you had in undergrad who started a business idea you like? Look them up on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn for you.

2: You can share your advice. 

Who does not want to share the tips, tricks, and lessons they have learned in the business world? If you have a passion to make the industry and market a better place, LinkedIn is for you. There are multiple ways to share your tips, tricks, and lessons. Want to connect with a former coworker you want to mentor? LinkedIn is your best bet for a meaningful connection. 

3: People are continually looking for services. 

If you offer a service, you need to get on LinkedIn. There are many users who are continually looking for services of all kinds: SEO, writing, editing, recruiting, tech development, and business development systems to name a few. Do not be scared to comment on posts that ask for a service that you offer. Send a message, connect, talk, and network. LinkedIn is the platform for connections that can bring your business to the next level. Get to the next level today. 

4: You can master it. 

Yes, you can master LinkedIn. If you have not created a profile yet because you are scared of how hard it could be, stop worrying. For one, it is a very simple user experience application. Secondly, if you need advice to help you or your brand get started on LinkedIn, contact The Dillon Ross Group today. Our team is active on LinkedIn because we know the value of it.

Need an extra boost? LinkedIn is your answer. Have further questions about LinkedIn and what it can do for you? Let’s connect


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