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4 Tips to Increase The Quality of Your Online Presence

So much of the way consumers see you is the presentation of your company through your website. Sloppy, unedited, awkwardly-structured websites are the thorn in any company's side and can cause the downfall of even the best company. Your digital presence is important to your company's short term and long term success.

There are hundreds of things you can do to make your online presence a more profitable one, but here are four tips to start.

Don't forget your 'Careers' Page

There is nothing worse for a consumer or job seeker than not finding a page that displays your available jobs/careers on your page. If you are expanding your company and are hiring, spread the good news (and not just on LinkedIn or Indeed). Talent sourcing/searching websites are helpful, but have the jobs attached to your page too! Not having an updated page with available jobs/careers gives off the appearance you are not that interested in expanding, and that could be far from the truth. Interacting with people who connect with the work you do is an exciting, beneficial experience, so make it count.

Nothing is worse than broken links

Every so often, you, as an administrator, need to click around your website and test links and portals. Broken links that lead to nowhere, the wrong page, or a random generator are unprofessional and very disruptive for consumers. Additionally, broken links are a bad representation of the integrity of the work you do. Don't hesitate to test your own website. You may have built it, or know the person who did, but losing business due to a simple mistake you just don't know about would be unfortunate. Need help going through your website? Want to redesign it completely? Contact The Dillon Ross Group and check out our portfolio to see the pristine work we have done in the past.

Make it all cohesive, font matters

Font. Matters. It cannot be said enough—font matters. If your website displays more than 5 fonts, you need to rethink your design. Fonts that don't match are outdated or are an eyesore do more harm than good, especially if you offer any kind of digital service. You want your website to be matching, modern, and excellent representations of the types of quality you provide in your services. Don't lose a client because your font has fallen prey to an outdated eye. Need some website style inspiration? Check out some of our favorite websites like FL's #1 Cost ConsultantLippincottLanciano Imports Inc., Adobe, and PwC.

Prove, don't just mention

Having a portfolio or testimonials section/tab on your website is a great way to prove, not just mention, your quality of services. We, at The Dillon Ross Group, love to show off the work we have done for our wide array of clients. We know that proving is key to getting the kinds of profit you have always dreamed of. If you need help articulating the kinds of work you have done for your clients, or want to gather some testimonials and add a tab to your website, contact us and let's take your website to the next level.


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