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3 Elements That Will Boost Your Post-COVID19 Marketing

The whole world will need a break after COVID-19. As designers of products, services, or brands, it is our job to help bring color, creativity, and joy back into the world. 

The way that marketing happens will change significantly in the next few months. COVID-19 has changed the way humans interact for many years to come. Additionally, with that change, we must change the way that marketing is done. With a more substantial focus on public health, the way that a product, service, or brand is presented to the public and then marketed needs to start integrating these elements!

Include Empathy 

Empathy, defined as, “The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner,” by Merriam-Webster, is key to this new wave of marketing. You may think that you already include empathy into your marketing, but, with this new fear of pandemics, there must be an even more intense inclusion of empathy. Some of your consumers may live in another country, some have either had or experienced COVID-19 affect their family, and some may have been on the front lines of fighting it. This is no time for jokes or memes in your marketing when dealing with the aftermath of a pandemic. 

How can your product, service, or brand make the world better? How do you understand experiences, unlike your own? Walk the line of advertising inclusively, and the urge to go viral, carefully and creatively.

Go Online (if you aren't already) 

This may seem obvious, but if you aren't already, your product, brand, or service must go online. There is no denying that in this age, people are relying on online services more and more. AmazonNuuly, and WholeFoods Online have changed the marketing and product management game. In the case of another pandemic, you must be easily transferred to online marketing. Chances are pretty likely that your average consumer is comfortable navigating shopping platforms online. Worried that you will lose the closeness of in-person sales and marketing online? Worry no more. Add handwritten notes, wrap your packages by hand, or include special discount codes in your packages.

You can interact with people in surprising ways in 2020. 

Engage Differently 

Once you are online, there are some ways that you can run your operation smoother and more productively. One of those ways is including a chat-box or easy to use the ‘Contact Us’ button on your website. Need help designing a new website for marketing during and post-COVID19? We are working hard to ensure results during this unknowing time and would love to connect with you and bring your visions to life. People want to be heard; there is no denying that. So, engage with your consumers online in a personal way. Extra tip: Open your DM features on Instagram and Twitter. People have lots of questions. Social media is a great way to answer any questions or concerns you may have! 


The Dillon Ross Group is in the same boat as you. We are identifying new ways to market, engage, and work with excellent companies with huge visions. Have an idea you want to chat with? Let’s talk! Our digital marketing agency is one of the best in the NJ/NYC area. Let’s collaborate and work to make the world a better place! 


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