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Instagram Stories are the Hottest New Social Media Asset

Instagram is a colorful, easy-to-use platform that is increasing brands’ online presence one story at a time. Yes, you heard right. Instagram Stories are a perfect way to advertise your content for a broader, more diverse consumer range. However, you don’t want to bore your consumers with hundreds of posts.

Do you need a remedy? We’ve got one! Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are the new it-girl of social media.

If you need a refresher, Instagram Stories are the icons that appear on top of your standard feed, showing videos, photos, or graphics for a few seconds each. Sometimes you may click through as many as you can as fast as you can…but, with the help of this blog, you can make your Instagram Stories mean something. Instagram Stories can help your brand or firm gain revenue, but you have to be strategic about it.

There are four reliable ways to make sure your Instagram Stories are not glazed over by the people who may need to see them the most.

Be short. For once in your life, be concise and specific. You don’t want to be the account that posts 5+ posts. Keep your Instagram Story no more than 5+ posts. Additionally, make sure that your posts are interesting, and additionally, not what you would post on your account. Keep the words shot, graphics clean, and add things like polls and other interactive additions to your Instagram Story! It’ll make all the difference.

See what your competition is posting. It is okay to look at your competition's social media accounts (specifically, accounts with more followers than you). Usually, if an account has more interaction, they are doing something right. Are they posting more or less than you? Do they have exclusive deals or discounts? What do their stories look like? Are they uniform in color or style? After you glance through, take a few notes down and make adjustments to your posts accordingly.

Check the proportions. Sometimes graphics and stories you may make look great on Adobe, Photoshop, or your gallery. But, when posted (or re-posted) to Instagram Stories, they start to look wonky. Avoid that. Need to learn how? First, start by looking at your post before it posts. If the graphic is stretched, resize it. If you are having trouble resizing it, try a new photo or graphic. Instagram Stories are always changing, so try something new as you go. Need help? Contact The Dillon Ross Group, and get our expertise on digital marketing for NJ/NYC clients. We love to talk about new ideas, specifically in relation to social media expansion.

Use brand partnerships and show off your team. Companies that overlook their own team are missing a great Instagram Story opportunity. Lots of companies have included their employees on social media for Employee of the Week, Employee of the Month, or Learn More About John Smith Inc. social media story additions. Use your team's food obsessions, personalities, and favorite ice cream flavors as categories. It’ll be fun, we promise.

Bonus Tip: Additionally, show off any brand partnerships you have! If you are a marketing company that works closely with a new yoga studio, work out a discounted rate for consumers who go to their first session because of a social media post. Think of how many more people you will reach by using your Instagram Stories to promote your clients.

The Dillon Ross Group is passionate about good ideas, new companies, and utilizing Instagram (and other social media sites, too) to create revenue for your company. Meet our team here, and let’s get creative!

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White White
White White
Nov 16, 2023

I made revolutionizing my Instagram stories with creative. Using blueprint vectors adds a dynamic edge, turning everyday moments into visual masterpieces. It's a personalized touch that elevates the storytelling experience, making my Insta visual truly unique.

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