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How to Make Your Blog Writing More Compelling and Attractive

It isn't uncommon to see blogs on any website right now. As blogging has picked up its popularity, some key points to keep in mind will make your writing interesting and worth reading on an online platform. Some of these tactics might help maximize the utilization of SEO, especially when subject to digital marketing.

Image Source: Channah from FreeImages

A Picturesque Style of Blogging

The first visual cue is often received from the article's pictures when a visitor enters your website. Thus, adding an appropriate amount of these visual gags is essential for a set word count. Do take the word "appropriate amount" into consideration, as too little will make your writing seem empty, and too many will make it look cartoonish.


It would be good if you started if your writing contained simple sentences, especially if you are writing in English. As a general rule of writing in any language, keep the writing simple. This is so that even the least literate demographic of the society encountering your website can understand you well.

Break It Down Into Smaller Paragraphs

Smaller paragraphs provide an illusion of a smaller article, thus a cue that there is less to read. People on the internet aren't the kind to invest their time in reading anything. Most of them wouldn't want to read anything. Thus, an image of an easy-to-read, short article would be good; so that they don't feel like their time is being wasted in reading anything.

Keep It Short

In connection to the last point, you also want to practice keeping your word limit short, up to 500 words or something to be effective and precise. However, the word limit can be changed according to your needs, requirement, and demographics you target.

Right Tags

You are in an online sphere. Tags are essential everywhere and aren't just limited to marketing. Choose the correct tags but don't get too greedy.

Questionable Titles

With this subtitle, I am not encouraging the idea of clickbait. However, effective use of questions in titles is essential. A reader might have encountered this question in their head on some lazy afternoon where things were up to no avail. If they read such a title, it might compel them to click.


Doing this, as in writing, as what you love is essential. Passion. It is, of course, optional, but if you have any, it will show up in your writing and make it sound more compelling. Passion involves emotions, and the reader might receive an impression of warmth instead of cold indifference.

Factual but Open-Ended

Opinion about a specific topic is great to have. This means you have a personality. However, on the receiving end, imposing opinions are rarely welcome. If you are sure about your views, find data to back those up. Do remember to keep the conclusions more open-ended than oppressive, as it is rare that people might change their minds even after encountering factual evidence about a topic, and a negative impression will drive your potential audience away.

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