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7 Types of Marketing Campaigns for Businesses — Ranked!

In modern business, there are a wide variety of types of marketing campaigns available to you. If you pick the right one, you could take your business to new rights. But if you choose the wrong one, you might struggle to turn a profit.

So how can you choose the right kind of campaign, and how do you know if you've chosen the right one?

This article lists some of the best marketing campaign ideas for your consideration.

1. An Email Marketing Campaign

With this type of marketing campaign, you reach out to your customers through their email addresses. These digital marketing campaigns can work well because customers need to agree to share their email addresses with you.

This means that you can afford to push your products a bit more since your email marketing customers have already expressed an interest in buying from you. In addition, you could easily use an email marketing campaign to promote other kinds of promotions. For example, you might use an email to promote a competition campaign.

One of the significant advantages of email campaigns is that you can regularly send out new email blasts. With that said, customers might be annoyed if you email too often. The key is to find a sweet spot.

2. A Contest Marketing Campaign

People love entering a contest. A contest marketing campaign gives your customers the chance to win a prize by engaging with your brand. There are many ways to handle a contest campaign. For example, you might have people submit their details and select a winner at random.

On the other hand, you might want to get more elaborate. You might encourage your customers to submit original content to your companies social media page. If you've just released a new product, you might encourage people to submit footage of them enjoying the product.

The most creative or original video could then win the prize. This kind of contest can work well as the contest promotes your brand, and so does the customer-generated content.

If you get lucky, a customer might even manage to produce something that goes viral!

3. A Rebranding Campaign

Change itself is the only change that is ever permanent. So no matter how good your branding is, you'll need to change it to fit the times. Failure to adapt to the modern market might mean your company gets left behind.

Deciding that your company image is outdated presents you with an excellent opportunity to run a rebranding campaign. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules on how you should handle rebranding. First, you need to get the word out there that you're changing up the brand.

You might do this through something as simple as a new logo, or you might even do a total relaunch of your website. You need to be careful with this kind of campaign as a misstep could be very costly.

4. A Product Launch Campaign

Another one of the excellent marketing campaign ideas is to do a product launch campaign. When you launch a new product, you need to create a buzz and get the word out. The quality of your product doesn't matter if people don't know your product exists.

You might promote a product launch by giving out the product for free to influencers and reviewers. If you have a good product, this method can create much buzz.

The key to this type of campaign is to create many buildups. People need to be aware that the product is coming to build excitement. But, on the other hand, you should be careful not to create too much hype if you're not sure you can stick to the planned launch date.

5. Brand Awareness Campaign

You might also campaign for your company with a brand awareness campaign. Essentially, this campaign tries to make the public more aware of your company and your products.

One way that you could do this is by launching a new blog where you discuss your products. This can encourage people to share links to your site around the internet and raise awareness of your brand's existence.

6. Traditional marketing Campaign

While the internet and social media are a vital part of modern marketing, this doesn't mean that you should neglect more traditional marketing methods. On the contrary, some of the best campaigns still use traditional methods. For example, you might consider a radio or television advertising campaign.

You may even consider running an advert in your local newspaper. With specific target audiences, you might be able to reach a large proportion of your customers with more traditional methods. However, if your target market is not internet users, a social media campaign will not reach them.

7. An Influencer Campaign

Influencers are social media personalities who have a large online following. Plenty of people base their purchasing decisions on what they see their favorite influencers enjoying.

When working with an influencer, you might have them use and review your product on their social media profile. When working with influencers, it's essential to consider your selection carefully. You can't simply pick any influence and call it a day. You need to find someone who will resonate with your target audience.

Working with an influencer is a great way to gain new customers, as influencers already have a dedicated fanbase.

The Right Types of Marketing Campaigns Can Boost Your Brand

Picking the right kind of marketing campaign can make a massive difference to your company. Of course, internet marketing is a vital part of modern business, but that doesn't mean traditional marketing techniques don't have their place.

Ultimately, the types of marketing campaigns you choose depend heavily on your customer base. Therefore, you need to research your customer base to understand the kind of marketing they'll respond to.

If you want to learn more about other marketing-related topics, look at the rest of our blog posts.


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