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Digital Marketing is Changing: Here are 4 Reasons Why

Digital marketing is always changing. Digital marketing companies like The Dillon Ross Group and others are forced to change with the market. When thinking of the ways that digital marketing has changed in 2020, 4 main factors influence those changes. Digital marketing is something that almost every human with access to technology comes in contact with day by day. Phones, tablets, computers, public screens, subway/metros, among other items and places, are vessels for digital marketing to appear and spread on.

Here are the 4 factors that have changed digital marketing in 2020 so far and why it matters. 


Global factors including COVID-19, the rise of TikTok, the spread of false information and fight over privacy, and the political influxes can all be thanked for the changes in digital marketing in 2020. There has been a global conversation about privacy that has grown recently that has forced the public to question what they see and how trustworthy that information is. Because of that one global factor, we, as digital marketers, have to work that much harder to ensure our information is relevant, correct, and easy-to-interact with. 


No doubt, COVID-19 will go down as the primary economic factor that will influence the market and digital marketers alike. As digital marketers, we must work with the economy. For many digital marketing firms, there will be an influx of work as the financial industry begins to recover and re-direct efforts. The digital market should be used for good as the economy recovers, and jobs start being filled again. If you have a digital marketing agency, don’t avoid the tough questions your clients will have as the economy rises again.

Let’s work together. 


The fail of Enron raised attention to how ecology, the environment, and the world of corporate trading intersect. Since then, companies have changed the way they deal with issues in the environment, specifically their own effect on the environment. Industries, specifically gas, oil, and manufacturing industries are hyper-aware of their impact on the environment. In 2020, now more than ever, digital marketing needs to hold companies accountable and praise the companies that are making their ecological spaces better. With talks about a ‘Green New Deal,’ digital marketing companies are about to see a large spike in companies that want to shift narratives about their relationship with the globe. 


External factors like what competitors are doing and becoming have changed digital marketing a lot in 2020. Zoom, TikTok, online shopping spikes, and digital marketing agencies focusing on doing more good have encouraged the whole market to do better. However, 2020 has had a lot going on, and there is a lot left. The presidential election in November, Black Friday, and a whole summer are left ahead. If you are a committed digital marketing professional, you need to keep an eye on what has happened and what’s to come.


The Dillon Ross Group wants to ensure the whole community that we are ahead of the game. Our team has an excellent eye for success. Want to get advice for digital marketingSEOPPC, or branding? Let’s talk

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