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TikTok Can Help Any Industry: Here’s How

You can barely look at any iPhone without seeing videos of dancing or singing sliding up and down the screen. With the help of TikTok, almost unknown songs have gone viral, dancers have produced new choreography, and some business have found a new hot way to advertise.

You’re next.

Beyond all the dancing and singing, there is a prime opportunity for digital business expansion. No matter your industry, TikTok can be an engaging new platform that can pique the interest of the modern consumer: one who spends hours scrolling through TikToks.

The food and beverage industry is an industry that should utilize TikTok. Let’s picture it: you have a new chef come into your sleek downtown location, and you want to get the word out. Beyond a Facebook or Instagram post, TikTok, when paired with search engine optimization principles (SEO), can be a great platform to get the news out. Or maybe you are the owner of a new restaurant or bar. You could use TikTok to show flashes of your updated menu or new HD televisions. A 60-second TikTok montage of new dishes, flashy drinks, and perfect modern bar chairs can be the engaging content your restaurant or bar needs. Have any ideas? Contact The Dillon Ross Group and plan out engaging content that results in profit.

Unlike the assumptions and traditional boring optics of the finance industry, it can utilize TikTok. How? Turn taxes into a TikTok. Without risking confidentiality, make the process of hour-by-hour tax preparation into a TikTok. There are lots of people that need a CPA firm this tax season. If those new clients are on TikTok and scroll onto a funny video of a CPA showing their hour-by-hour moods as they tax prep, they can click on the profile and find a CPA firm that has personality and a digital presence. Tax preparation clients can turn into loyal customers; however, without an update like TikTok, your firm could be forgotten--but don’t let it.

An industry that has missed the mark on using TikTok is the retail industry. When scrolling video by video through TikTok, retail should be dominating the market, and they aren’t. But they can. With every new shipment of clothes, any local or national store can do a 60-second fashion show. Show customers what tops can pair with those bell-bottom jeans, fringe dresses, or scallop pencil skirts. Additionally, if those retail businesses expanded their brand collaborations to include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, they could expand their name, gain new clients, and, most importantly, sell their inventory and make a profit. If you have a business that could use a digital boost, check out our portfolio and dream up work The Dillon Ross Group is ready to do for you!

If you are in the real estate industry, TikTok could be an accessible, free, and safe site to update interested clients in the work and renovation on your new lakeside or city front property. Instead of relying on dull, boring local listing websites alone to get your name, work, and progress out to clients, use TikTok to montage listings, renovations, and housing market trends for clients young and old.

Whether someone is looking for a starter home, apartment, or winter home, TikTok has a reach that is much larger than a business card or local website/flyer.

If you have an updated kitchen project that is on the brink of a full facelift, let TikTok spread the word for you.

Do you want to embark on a journey with a group of talented, result-driven digital engagers? Read about us and how we can take your brand, company, or firm to the next level with branding, web design, and digital marketing with the help of The Dillon Ross Group!


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