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Solutions to the Top 3 Mistakes Your Small Retail Business is Making

When it comes to your retail space, there are a lot of eye-catching improvements you need to make today for better profit and sales. As small businesses work on creating a more substantial presence in communities, the consumers are expecting more and more. We have solutions to the problems you may be facing.

Browse through these three mistakes you may be making, and check out of solutions to help your small business go from drab to fab.

The first mistake retail stores and small businesses often make is marketing their products incorrectly. When marketing for small business retail, remember that your competition is not Sears, Macy's, or Belk— your competition is the pop-up shop next door. Prove to your consumers why you are the best by partnering with other small businesses and offer food samples or juice for shoppers! That does not sound like your forte? Try arranging your clothes by color and then post bright Instagram stories of your new system! Remember, marketing needs to start from inside your doors, not just online. 

Need some extra help with your business Instagram feed? Contact The Dillon Ross Group and let's talk about what we can offer! 

Never ignore retail trends. Your small retail business needs to have active social media exceptions. If you are not keeping up with what is trending, you could be making some fatal mistakes. Your consumers see Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok posts about what is trending and may stop into your shop for something similar…so have it ready. With a few clicks, and keeping updated with the latest trends, your business can move way ahead of its competition by having the latest fabrics, shoes, and prints available. 

Offer VIP experiences. Modeled after large retail stores like Talbots, White House Black Market, and Macy's, have exclusive deals, days, and sales for your most loyal customers. Consumers who enjoy your products time after time, year after year, should be rewarded. Whether your reward is a 20% coupon or a VIP night experience with unique items available, make it happen. Loyalty from consumers should be rewarded with loyalty by the business they are supporting. If you need some ideas for implementation, check out our website here. We are a team of consultants, dreams, and hard workers who love to see your business thrive.

Your small retail business is incredible, and you should be proud of what you have accomplished by getting where you are today. Are you a small business in the NYC/NJ area? Click through our website here and let's work together. 

Don't let the changing market discourage you; we have answers to tech and marketing questions you have!


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