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Is Remote Working Good For Marketing Agencies?

Remote working had taken over the way businesses are conducting work as it offers a series of benefits to companies that are on full display when companies had to work remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to marketing agencies, the same benefits apply. You can get the maximum positive results while working remotely. Doing so has proved to be advantageous compared to traditional physical agencies, mostly because remote working sparks the creative side of people as they get to work in an environment where they feel the most comfortable.

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More benefits are attached to working remotely, so let us examine how beneficial remote working is for marketing agencies.

Increased Productivity

Remote working has proven to be a great way to increase employee productivity when it comes to their work. People are more comfortable and relaxed while they work from a location that is convenient for them. Not being surrounded by stress factors and not having to commute to an office proves to be quite useful for them and saves them money. Surprisingly, marketers work with a clearer head when it comes to working from home or remotely. Away from stressful situations, remote working can quickly increase the marketing agency’s productivity.


Another good reason why remote working is good for marketing agencies is because of the cost factor. You are no longer required to pay out rent for your office or spend on expenses related to it. Working from remote locations can lower the costs for the marketing agency and increase their budgets for other operations. Instead of spending on office supplies, you can accumulate the funds and spend more on employees for their satisfaction or other projects.

Access To Better Talent

As you go about working remotely, you can access a talent pool that you weren’t able to before. Working from an office limits you to potential employees from your local area. The maximum it would extend would be the nation. With remote working, you can easily break these barriers and reach out to people globally. It can give you access to the best talent out there and help you become more effective as an agency.

Better Employee Engagement

Given the liberty of working from home, employees become better at managing their time. So, you will get better results from them throughout. But that’s not all. You will find that employees are much more engaging and result-oriented when it comes to working remotely. Improved engagement results in better communication of employees throughout the company. They will become more comfortable with reaching out to their peers and supervisors to convey messages and interact.

Improved Retention Of Employees

When working in a traditional marketing agency, building an influential culture is a massive factor in why employees stay or leave. Creating a culture is no easier in office or remote, but with having no rent and more money in the budget for other activities, building culture can become a more significant priority. By doing this, it lowers the chances of your employees leaving the agency because of unestablished culture. Moreover, as you operate remotely, you will limit the number of people going out. So, if someone is moving abroad, they don’t have to quit their job!

Marketing agencies can benefit a lot from working remotely. Better ideas will start flowing in, and there will be an increased productivity level from the employees leading to better results for the clients.

Who doesn’t want that?

The Dillon Ross Group has been and will continue to follow a hybrid-model agency. We recruit and hire global talent that joins our remote team and has a small office in East Hanover, NJ, where employees who choose to, can work out of our office!

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