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How to Use Marketing to Build a Strong Company Culture

Company culture is highly essential in any successful business as it allows all staff to share the same set of values and beliefs. Company culture is presented different among every company, and that is great because it is what differentiates a company from a competitor. Why does company culture matter? Building and enhancing your company's culture will lead to an increase in sales and profit.

Define Your Company's Culture

Company culture is an effective way to increase employee engagement, promote recognition, and enhance your brand to drive growth. It does not matter what industry role your business plays; every company should define its culture successfully. This will look different for everyone. There is no single explanation of how to determine your culture, but it should include a mission statement, core values, company traditions, and other shared beliefs.

Here are some ways to use marketing to build a strong company culture.

1. Create Visual Reminders of Your Company's Culture

As with any goals, it is advantageous to achieve cultural goals by writing them down and putting them somewhere you can see every day. It is best to find opportunities to do this and create visual reminders for your peers, so they are always aware of the values your business is striving for. An example of this would be to incorporate your culture into wall art around your office or business. Another example would be to create a custom message that can be used in various areas, such as email signatures. Create these visual reminders and set them up wherever your employees are often.

2. Advertise Your Company Culture Through Social Media

A great way to personalize your social media is by incorporating your company's culture into it. This will remind your followers that a real genuine group of people behind this company showcases excellent values and beliefs. Not only that, but this shows your followers that you care about your customers and employees. When you publicly share your culture, you offer and promote the attitude, behavior, projects, and ideas that best uphold this company culture you have created.

3. Combine Culture with Your Product

A business is not just the product they sell or the service they provide. There is so much more that goes into building business relationships than just completing a simple transaction. How you deliver your product or service is just as important as what you provide. Buying is an experience that all customers are involved in. You always want to consider how you are positioning your products for your prospective customers or clients. Take notice of how your company's values and culture are coming through when discussing your products or services and how you sell them. Also, pay attention to how your team treats your customer base. Do they do the same to bring out your company culture?

4. Give Public Praise

The famous quote among successful business leaders is "praise in public, criticize in public." This principle is often forgotten, and that can severely change your company's culture. Your company culture should be very appreciative towards your employees. A rewarding practice for your company and your employees is to show how much you value your staff publicly. If a company offers a recognition program, employees are more likely to want to work for you and provide the best possible. Productive and appreciated employees result in a successful business. This allows your employees to showcase their best service to your customers. Some ways to praise your employees publicly would include:

· Write LinkedIn recommendations and endorse their skills.

· Give your staff the power of recognition towards others.

· Share your staff's accomplishments on social media.

· Present certificates and rewards for your team displayed at your business.

5. Use Blogs

Many companies have a blog for content creation purposes. However, some of these companies are not using their blog to advise potential customers and clients. Not only this, but you should also be using your company blog to help educate the public about your business. This is a great way to promote your company's culture. It allows you to bring your culture into your branding. A good practice is to take a look at how your competitors are using their blog to showcase their culture and focus on how you can do the same or better.

6. Host Recruitment Events

Recruitment events are such a great way to showcase your company's culture. Host a recruitment event that is less of a boring conference meeting and more like an exciting party in a professional manner. Show how your company values its employees and what it is for you to offer. Recruitment events are not only beneficial to finding new employees to join your team, but they serve a purpose in putting your company out there and marketing your business. You can make these events large or small. For example, it might be best to host an open house as a small business where job seekers can come in and see your business in action.

Overall, marketing your business in a way that presents your company's strong culture to the public is very important for any company. When you take the time to define your company's culture, you can use it to grow your business's success beyond where it is now. A strong company culture allows employees to be successful and feel appreciated. When you put your employees in such a great position, they can present themselves in the best way possible to make sure your customers are taken care of, and your brand is going strong. Do not shy away from using these marketing tips to help build your company's culture.

If you need help deploying marketing that builds a strong company culture, it's time to speak with Dillon Ross at The Dillon Ross Group.


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