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How to Maintain Your Company Culture While Working Remotely

Team and company culture has changed a lot as some parts of the world shifts towards working remotely during COVID-19. As a leader of a team, brand, or whole company, the way company culture is maintained looks different from across a state versus across an office. There are a few ways to maintain company culture and keep your employees engaged with your goals and visions. 

One of the first ways to maintain company culture is by using online video conference platforms for Online Happy Hour, Team TV Show Reviews, or Book Discussions. There are simple ways to utilize online platforms, just like you would with real meetings. With good culture comes good bonds and connections. Maybe start a book club reading “Lean In,” “Off Balance,” or “Steve Jobs." As fun as all that sounds, it is also important that you remember that everyone reacts differently to working remotely. So, respect your employees, but engage with them to make sure they feel included, heard, and supported. 

The second way you may consider maintaining culture is by coming up with group goals that you can send out in an email or social media platform. To engage your company, they need to feel like a team (even when they aren't close in an office). Additionally, you must keep your team updated. Not just forwarding public announcements. You, as a human, need to send support and updates to your organization. What is happening? When will you see them again? Where are there technology fixes that are being resolved? What new clients do you have? Who is doing great? Keep your team updated, engaged, and supported! 

Work-life balance is an endeavor that will be one of the hardest to execute as a worker and leader. When you are at home working and living your personal life, the two are blended even more. As a leader, you must encourage your team to unplug on the weekends or when they should be relaxing. When you are in bed, scrolling through emails as the last thing at night is not a good way to separate work and life. It can be hard to understand how to help your team manage their own lives and work, but it’s really important. There is nothing wrong with reminding your team how much work is expected, but at the same time, reminding them of the free time they need to take is just as productive. 

You want your team to work together and be a profit-generating group. However, without support, engagement, and clear expectations, your team can struggle. If your operation needs digital engagement advice, contact The Dillon Ross Group. We understand the importance of this time of transition, and as a digital marketing firm, we would love to help. Your team deserves only the best

The whole corporate world is re-thinking and designing the way their work is executed. 


Be generous. Be conscious. Be empathetic. Be empowering. 


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