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4 Tips That Will Help You Work From Home

Working from home can be very stressful and new for many professionals. Whether your work consists of school or professional assignments, the United States is transitioning to working from home. As we all transition to working from home, these are four helpful tips that can help guide us to productive results. No matter where you are or what you do, there are easy things you can do to boost your motivation and productivity at home. 


"Establish a pre-work routine and an after-work routine. Working in the same place where you wake up, eat, and sleep can make anyone go crazy without proper boundaries in place."

- Marissa Owens, Opportunity Business Loans

  • Get comfortable: You need to be comfortable, yet still balance professionalism and comfortability. Think of it this way: you are probably really comfortable at your cubicle or desk at work. However, that area at work is not comfortable because you have pajamas on. Your comfort is based on productivity. If your comfortable area is wherever you have Pistachios in reach, get some! If it is where you have sticky notes and your calendar, get those too. You need to blend your productivity and the comfort of home carefully.

  • Organize yourself: Organization is essential whether you are home or at work. However, at home, where your kids, cat, dog, or other distraction can grab your attention at any moment, you need to stay organized. One way to avoid that issue is by planning out your day hour by hour, minute by minute. If you can plan when you have time to be distracted and not feel guilty, you will be more organized and successful when you pedal to the metal. A great way to plan your says is by using a bullet journal or blank sheet of paper with colors for goals and bullets for breaks, for example.

  • Still ask questions: If you are new to your role, or your position fluctuates based on need, ask questions. Never stop asking questions. Your bosses, coworkers, and friends from work are experiencing the same learning curve as you. However, don’t let the fact you can’t pop into your coworker’s workspace any time of the day leave you feeling clueless. To be successful, your coworkers all have to work in unison. Text, call, ping, message, and engage with your bosses and coworkers. They have answers; you just have to ask for them.

  • Don’t forget your goals in the stress of the world: Sometimes reminding yourself what you are passionate about and why you do what you do is a great way to start working productively. For some people, inspirational quotes, pictures, your resume even, can be great visuals to have as you work. We, as humans, are affected by our surroundings—so make sure your surroundings are inspirational. If you have a whiteboard at work you like to use to plan out your goals, grab one for home. No matter how hard working from home may be, we all are passionate about what we do. There is no shame in reminding yourself why you love your role, clients, coworkers, and what your work is aiming towards. 


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