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4 Fascinating Reasons to Work in the Digital Marketing Field

A career in digital marketing is really fun. Like really really fun.

Digital marketing is a creative avenue, and any academic major applies when you think about it. Digital marketing needs creative geniuses, writers, historians, thinkers, planners, mathematicians, data-lovers, and out-of-the-boxers. Whether you are a new graduate or looking to switch careers, have digital marketing in the back of your mind.

There are lots of reasons to work in digital marketing—but here are the top 4.

• You work on something new every day. Whether it be a new data model, artistic marketing campaign, or a convincing article (like this one. See? I got you), you will always have something to work on. And also, you get to work with some of the most creative thinkers in the industry. Behind every new digital campaign is a great copywriter, web genius, creative thinker/designer, and consumer-minded digital marketer. We take the consumer’s opinion seriously.

• Social media looks different after you get a job in digital marketing. The digital world, or “the cloud,” as your grandma calls it, is a fun place to work. We are the most collaborative group of professionals out there. Additionally, we look at the digital market as a mountain that we know how to climb. No campaign is too big, problem too complicated, or sentence too hard to craft. We got this. So do you.

• Articulating someone else’s vision is the most exciting thing you can do. One of the most interesting aspects of digital marketing is the fact that we help create others’ visions. Digital marketing is the liaison or relationship between an idea and online. We love to help. Getting inside the mind of someone else, and then turning around and creating content that matches their mind, ideas, and goals is invigorating. No matter your skillset, digital marketing companies need you.

• You learn about industries you have probably never heard of. Did you know that there is an industry for everything? You will see content for industries you have never heard of. Greenhouses, paper companies, fashion, books, pencils, everything. And they all need help with digital marketing.

Want to try your hand at digital marketing? Start by producing content for what inspires you. Tea, glasses and mugs, your favorite song, or sweater, design logos, campaigns, and ads are all. Interested in what you and a small NJ/NYC marketing agency can do together? Work with The Dillon Ross Group today. It’s a lot of fun.


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