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5 Business Solutions for Climate Change

Evidence of climate change is all around us. It is no longer a debate but an imminent crisis everyone needs to fight.

The world has increased by 2.12 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 19th century. And the past seven years have been the warmest.

Any change is positive, but it is not individuals who need to take action. Businesses also need to adopt solutions for climate change.

Companies such as Microsoft and Patagonia's goals are carbon neutrality and other solutions. They recognize that climate change also impacts business growth and causes costly damage. It also shrinks global gross domestic product and could reduce annual income.

But more businesses, including small businesses, need to help prevent climate change. So what steps can your business take? Read on to find out.

Be Aware of Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) need to be reduced by half by 2030, so it is essential to take action now.

Once you work out your GHG and the activities that are causing the most, you can make your climate action plan. There are certified companies that can help you measure your emissions.

The Climate Leadership Council, founded by Ted Halstead, also offers a global solution. They believe a carbon tax is the best solution for climate change. You will pay tax for how much emissions you emit. This will help encourage businesses to take action to avoid paying the tax.

Reduce Energy Consumption

One-third of carbon emissions is because of energy use in buildings. Simple steps such as switching off lights and unplugging appliances save energy. In the US, switch to EnergySaver appliances.

Increase Awareness

Educating employees can lead to collective action. Create a team that is passionate about finding possible solutions for climate change. Promote sustainable transportation options like carpools between employees, and minimize business trips.

Also, encourage recycling and waste prevention. If the recycling rate increased by 5%, it will reduce GHG by 10 million metric tons of carbon equivalent.

Invest in Infrastructure

The long-term reductions balance out the emissions from changing infrastructure. Invest in biotechnology solutions for the climate, and improve current buildings. Replacing roads and adding insulation to buildings can cut emissions significantly.

When you need to replace an item such as a printer, pick the environmentally-friendly one.

Choose Sustainable Suppliers

Around half of consumers would switch to environmentally friendly products and services. And this number is likely to grow as people find the best solutions for climate change. Sustainable suppliers also value quality. So, products are likely to last longer, consume less energy, and reduce your waste impact.

Business Solutions for Climate Change

There are many possible solutions for climate change. These are five to start with today. And the more steps you can take, the better!

When more companies take action, global solutions for climate change can be implemented. And if your company takes action, employees will feel inspired to take action in their own lives too. Your impact matters!

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