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10 Insider Secrets How to Grow Your Following on Instagram

If you own a business, chances are that you are promoting it on social media (and if you're not, then you definitely should). Far from being just a fun tool to use in your spare time, social media networks like Instagram have the power to take your company to the next level.

To be able to stand out in a crowded, competitive market, you need to have a strategy, but how can you achieve that? Just read on. You are going to learn how to grow your following on Instagram in 10 easy steps.

1. Know Your Hashtags

To succeed as a business on Instagram, your hashtag game must be strong. Do you know exactly which hashtags to use, as well as those you need to steer clear of? If not, then spend some time doing a bit of research.

2. Be Bold and Creative With Your Captions

Instagram isn't just about posting beautiful, visually engaging photos. It's also about creating great captions that stick with people.

When writing a photo description, don't be afraid to be original and imaginative and you'll immediately stand out from the crowd.

3. Know What's Trending and Be Part of It

Another crucial tip: do a bit of research on what's currently trending on Instagram. Are there any conversations that are particularly popular and relevant to your business? If so, jump on the bandwagon and have your say.

4. Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

If you think that your product might interest a specific Instagram personality, then why not drop them a DM and ask them to work with you? Influencer marketing is a proven way to boost your brand's visibility and reach out to more clients than ever.

5. Create a Unique Style for Your Brand

The power of Instagram lies in beautifully crafted content. To be truly successful, you want your account to look attractive in a way that's original and unique to your brand. Be daring and true to yourself, and your followers will increase.

6. Harness the Power of Local

Using the geolocation feature can be very powerful to drive more users to follow you. By doing this, you can establish yourself as a trusted presence in a specific geographic area, and attract more locals to your products and services.

7. Tag Popular and Relevant Users

Similar to working with Instagram influencers, you might try tagging popular Instagram accounts and users that have some association with your business. This will immediately boost your visibility and increase your following.

8. Be Consistent and Engaging With Your Posts

You don't necessarily have to post every single day, but a good idea if you want to grow your Instagram account is to offer some kind of predictability when it comes to sharing content. Whether it's once a day, once a week, or once a month, try to stick with consistent and compelling posts.

9. Tap Into Instagram Insights

If you're interested in the analytics side of things, then take a look at Instagram Insights. This tool will allow you to explore data on how your content is performing as well as reveal information on your followers and offer you tips on when and how to post.

10. Experiment With Lives, IGTV, and Stories

Instagram Live, Instagram TV (IGTV) and Instagram stories are more than just entertaining add-ons. Start incorporating them into your marketing strategy, and one day you might even go viral on Instagram.

How to Grow Your Following on Instagram Is Easy With Our Tips

Now that how to grow your following on Instagram is no longer a mystery, why don't you start making the most of this social network to promote your brand?

With our 10 tips for increasing your Instagram following, you can boost your visibility, share inspiring content, and expand your customer base. All of this, at the touch of a button!

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