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How to Grow and Manage Your Social Media Accounts: Instagram Edition

Instagram has become one of the most utilized social media platforms for businesses today, as well as consumers. It went from an app to share pieces of your life with family and friends, to a way to advertise your business. For some people, they are making their income off of posting to Instagram. It seems crazy, but it is possible to accomplish. The key to grow and manage your social media accounts is simple - engagement. The increase you have in interactions, especially on Instagram, will allow your business to flourish. Managing it can debatably be simple.

Here are some easy tips to help achieve and crush your Instagram goals:


Build Genuine Relationships

The number of followers you have is irrelevant if you don't have genuine relationships with them. Yes, every business wants many followers. I am not dissuading you from that, but most of your followers should have a meaningful connection with your business. It truly is essential to keeping and maintaining an actual relationship with your followers. It can be as simple as replying to their comment or answering direct messages about your business. Being able to get personal through social media shows how you value your customers/followers. Remember, your followers/customers can make or break your business. Because everything is online, and I cannot stress this enough, being genuine in your relationships is crucial.

Don't Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable!

Most people think vulnerability is scary, and they never want to cross that line, especially in the business world, but try it out. Think about it; the most precious connection humans make are through emotions. We're not robots, so why act like one? People want to see the excitement in your posts. Try to add some feeling into your posts to truly develop a deeper connection with your followers.

Utilize All of The Options Instagram Has

Many businesses don't know how to utilize all of Instagram's business tools. Posting polls on your story or opening up a Q&A are one of many great ways to generate more engagement with your followers. If you sell products, add the shopping bag to your profile so people can see what you sell and for how much (and hopefully buy). It is also a great way to increase traffic to your website, which yes, you guessed it, increases your organic SEO. Impress your customers by being bold and posting/creating engaging content.


These three tips are excellent for growing your social media accounts. Managing it, however, is up to you! It helps hold yourself accountable and develops a more profound passion for your followers. All in all, engagement is key to a successful Instagram account for your business.

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