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What Makes a PPC Campaign Successful? Look at These 3 Elements

Who runs the world? Ads! Everywhere you look, there are ads, ads, and more ads.

They make the world go ‘round. Without ads, we would not know that Apple has a new iPhone; your favorite chip has a unique flavor, or that you need to start saving for that latest dream vacation. However, it’s important to note that ads are only successful because of well-manicured, funny, sleek, and interesting fonts, colors, and design! With the help of the pay-per-click system of advertising ads, whether that be articles, pictures, or posts, your ad can stand out with these 3 principles. For a refresher on what PPC ads are, look at our article!

Suitable Type and Text (Calligraphy is Key)

Your English teacher in high school may have stressed Times New Roman or Arial, but for ads, you need to think outside the box. Advertisements are meant to catch eyes and keep them. Nine times out of ten, people are used to seeing basic text font. So, as you decide on a font, think crisp but still creative. As the world goes from modern to run by technology, make your ad font go with it. If you need consulting for your brand design, contact The Dillon Ross Group and let our team help you on your design journey.

Vibrant and Nice Colors

Colors, once attached to an ad, become a key part of the ad. When you think of Doritos, you think of the blue or red that Doritos use. Nike is known for its bright orange box and swoosh. Reese’s chocolates are not as delicious without that orange packaging. Even during the holidays, Reese’s refuses to forget their packaging. Once you have an iconic color, stick with it. If you are struggling to get the clicks on your PPC ad, try rethinking the color. Please don’t make the color so bright that it reminds you of your grandma’s 70s kitchen; balance is vital when building an attractive PPC ad.

Design is More Than Just a Square

If you have a reusable water bottle company and your logo is a square with a water bottle-looking-design in the middle, you may need to think outside the bottle. To grab people’s attention on the social media site of their choice, you need to catch their eye--but for the right reasons. Some of the best logos include Apple, Target, Starbucks, Pepsi, and even Wikipedia. They are all unique and eye-catching. To create a classic logo, you have to think outside the logo. Let’s take Target as an example. Target’s logo is red and white (good color combination), symbolic of their name (but not too much), and will catch anyone’s eye as they scroll online looking for sales. Target’s design is culturally appropriate, entertaining, and the perfect amount of irony. If you know that you need an ad update, check out The Dillon Ross Group’s portfolio.

We can help you redesign for profit. PPC advertising is a tricky game, but we know how to win. Let’s win together.


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