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The Importance of a Strong Brand Identity in business

Branding is a buzz word, we hear all the time, and for some people, too often in the business world. A brand is essentially what your business or any business can provide for consumers; it's an obligation. Think about it, when seeing The Dillon Ross Group: Marketing + Branding Agency, you expect to have our business provide the best marketing services. Our promise is within our brand, and our brand is within our promise. This concept is more significant than just a marketing agency in Tampa; all businesses large and small are a brand. 

Your brand identity is how you represent, depict, and portray your business. Brand identity refers to all aspects of your business to the consumer population. What comes to mind for consumers when they think of your brand? The way your brand is perceived is significant to your business. Having a strong identity in the business world will help your business become successful.

In Rick Barron's The Basics of Branding, Barron talks about five essential features of branding that will help to be upon success. Two of them stuck out for me, and those are defining your brand, and creating a strategy for your brand. It seems like common sense to define your brand, but think below the surface. After establishing a name, a logo, a website, handles for social media, what do you want to do with your business? Whom do you want to impact? What difference do you want your business to make in your industry? All of those questions, and more help you define your brand. Barron describes it as almost like a "self-discovery journey" for your business. When you think of questions like the ones I have listed, you're starting to develop your brand identity by defining it. Creating a strategy for your brand is also imperative for brand identity. Your plan should address the questions: "who, what, where, why, and how," according to Barron. This element is primarily marketing, but answering the "deeper" why's. It also builds consistency within your brand identity. 

All in all, your brand identity is crucial for your business and can determine if it will be successful or not. Establishing the basics is easy, but creating a strategy, recognition, brand value, and defining your brand can be difficult. Taking the proper time for your business's identity will help you in the long run!


For further help getting your business to stand out, be successful, and to develop a one of a kind brand identity, contact us at or check out our website at


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