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6 Tips for Hiring a Logo Designer

A logo is essentially a symbol comprised of images and text that represents a business. It is an important symbol that the public can recognize a brand; a good logo will say everything a company wants to convey in a straightforward symbol. When we think of famous brands, such as Nike, McDonald's, and Apple, we can instantly picture in our heads the Swoosh, the 'M,' and the apple with a single bite taken out.

When we see these logos, whether on the street, in a store, newspaper, or online, our minds instantly connect them with the brand. They are iconic. Whether your business is large and established or small and growing, a quality logo is essential. Good logos are unforgettable—bad logos are instantly forgettable.

Central to finding the perfect logo that represents your brand is hiring a logo designer. Logo designing is a complex task, and the final result needs to represent the brand and separate it from your competition effectively. This blog post will highlight six tips for hiring a logo designer that you're sure to love.

Hiring A Logo Designer

1. Check Out Their Portfolio

There are plenty of logo designers out there, but the trick is to find the company that will create the best logo for your brand. When searching for a logo designer, a good starting point is to check out a company's portfolio. Many companies will have their portfolio available to view on their websites, or else you can formally ask to see their past work.

This should give you a good understanding of the kind of logos they have created in the past. Check out their past clients and see if any of them operate in a similar market to your business. For example, if a logo design company has experience designing for clothing brands, they are likely to understand the marketplace and create a logo that stands out.

2. Explain Your Brand and Vision

Before you can explain your brand and vision to a logo designer, be sure to understand it yourself fully! Ask yourself, what are we trying to convey with a business logo? What should the logo say about our business, and how do we want the public to view us?

Determine where you want to go in the future with your business and consider who your target audience is. If your target audience is young adults, your logo will not be the same as an older target audience, for example. Once you understand your brand's identity and vision, you can explain it to the logo designer.

It is their job to turn this 'idea' into something tangible, like a logo. The more information you can provide them, the better they can do their work.

3. Check Out Their Reviews

Reading reviews from past clients or speaking to them is a great way to understand a particular logo designer better. These days, you should easily find plenty of online reviews about a company you are considering hiring.

It's also worthwhile to ask a logo design company for references so that you can speak to past clients and get honest answers to any questions you may have.

4. Set a Timeline for the Project

A logo isn't something that can be created overnight. It's a complex process that and certainly shouldn't be rushed. That said, it's a good idea to establish a timeline for the project from the outset so that there are no unnecessary or unforeseen delays.

This timeline agreement should be set down in writing. It's likely that once you have your new logo, there will be branding and marketing strategies to implement. Delays to these can be detrimental to your brand, so it allows set a timeline with a logo designer.

Similarly, it's worthwhile getting a project cost estimate upfront before you sign any contract.

5. Choose a Communicative Designer

It is your logo, and your business will be visually represented by it for years, even decades, to come. It's better to opt for a communicative design team willing to listen to feedback, constructive criticism, and provide updates throughout the process.

The worst-case scenario is not hearing from a logo designer through the process and ending up with a logo that completely misses the mark. Choose a collaborative and communicative logo design team instead.

6. Keep an Open Mind

Did you know that Nike was not originally best-pleased with the proposed Swoosh logo? Your first impression of a proposed logo may be one of confusion or disappointment—commonly, businesses have a fixed idea in their head, and anything dissimilar must be wrong—but don't rush to reject it. Trust the logo designer in their work and keep an open idea with proposed logos.

Tips for Hiring a Logo Designer

The above tips are designed to help you find the most suitable logo designer for your business and brand. With a strong logo, the public will be easily able to recognize your brand wherever they are.

A strong logo is memorable, it's the foundation of your identity, and it helps to foster brand loyalty. The right company logo says everything the public should know about your brand.

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