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3 Questions You Must Ask About Your Logo

Logos are on billboards, phone screens, album covers, and iTunes, but is yours?

Good logos are fantastic. They get your attention, pique your interest, and get you fired up. Let’s think of a few classics: Target, Cheetos, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Tide, Patagonia. Each company logo represents something about their brand, and yours should be too! Are you a NJ/NYC company that needs a new logo? The Dillon Ross Group is here to help!

Add energy to your company logo by asking these three questions!

1. Is my logo relatable?

We know your logo that is a rainbow is beautiful to look at. But, if you are a dog groomer, and your rainbow logo has nothing to do with dogs, you need to change. Make sure when you are thinking of logo ideas, your ideas are related.

Shapes, colors, and graphic clarity matters.

A logo is the first relationship with your company a consumer has, so make it a good one.

2. Does my logo send a message?

So, you have a logo that your whole management team can agree on. But, now you must ask: what message is our logo sending? The most common mistake companies make is misguiding their message by messing up their message in the logo. Every image, color, and graphic sends a message: happiness, success, money, promiscuity, love, service. So, when choosing a logo, evaluate your company’s message, and see if your logo matches. If not, think about how you can either sharpen your company’s message or pick a new logo that, while still visually appealing, sends out an intentional message.

3. Is my logo relevant to society?

Academics may argue that all signs are a symbol of a sign of a symbol etc. But we aren't here to do that. What we, at The Dillon Ross Group, are here to do is make sure your logo is relevant. In an age where people type 100+ words per minute, follow hundreds or thousands of people on social media, and browse through so many sites and pages, your logo needs to stand out and be relevant.

Need some ideas? Contact The Dillon Ross Group, and let’s work together on something meaningful.


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