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How to Make Your Favorite TV Shows Boost Your Marketing

Anyone who bundles up to watch the newest episode of their favorite television show knows the feeling of excitement they have when the show starts. What will happen to that one character? Where did that character end up running off to? Are they going to finally kiss? Everyone loves keeping up with their favorite TV show characters. TV shows can teach many lessons about marketing.

Now, you are probably wondering how a TV show can teach anything about marketing, but us marketing fanatics can learn a lot from TV shows.

One of the best examples of how TV entertainment and marketing/advertising collide is “Sex and the City.” “Sex and the City” ran from the late ‘90s to the early ‘00s and captivated the hearts of millions of viewers. There are a few main lessons that we can learn about marketing from “Sex and the City:”

Analyze how the main character connects to you. Viewers, in particular Americans, relate to an inner dialogue or stream of consciousness when it comes to life, opinions, and advice. We live in a world where instant gratification is what makes consumerism work. The home of classic consumerism, “Sex and the City,” is based in New York City, the city of instant gratification. You can walk outside any door and physically run into options: food, clothing, materials, and lifestyles. NYC equals plenty of options. If we apply marketing and advertising as a stream of consciousness, we can learn a lot about how to connect with consumers. Instead of creating catchy pitches and catchphrases, what if we, as marketing professionals, gave our products to a few influencers and said, “Hop on YouTube or your blog and tell us honestly what you think. Give the consumers your inner dialogue thoughts on this product as you develop an opinion.” Like Carrie, the main character, an honest conversation with your viewers, or readers in Carrie’s case, can change the marketing and advertising landscape dramatically.

Focus on the friends. There is no denying that friends can influence your opinion on products, politics, and policies. In “Sex and the City,” Carrie’s friends mean everything to her. Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda help shape the way Carrie addresses her own life. Marketing is no different from a friendship. Us marketing and advertising professionals hope that we can convince you, which will then convince your friends to engage with our product or service. What if we did that even more? Instead of relying on studies, let’s address the consumer’s relationship with their friends straight up. Add sentences like “Tell your friends to try this product if it works for you,” or “If you are satisfied with our service, call your neighbor and let them know.” Additionally, incentivizing your products to consumers, when done strategically, is a good idea, not a tacky one. Be like Carrie and trust your consumers and their ability to spread the quality of your product from person to person.

There is no shame in the word of mouth game, so go ahead and capitalize on it.

TV shows can teach people more than how to pick up dates, where to eat in NYC, and why you should avoid drinking on a Tuesday. If you need some relevant advice on how to market your products to match the 21st-century market, The Dillon Ross Group knows the market inside and out.

Contact us first, and let’s see what we can do to prove your product can stand alone in a market where consumers need (and deserve) everything right now.


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