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How to Generate Plumbing Leads From Google Ads

It's not a complicated equation. The more paying clients that you get, the larger your business will grow. The same principle applies to plumbers. Without new leads and customers, you're relying on the same customers to help grow your business, and that's no way to scale.

For plumbers, Google Ads are a great way of generating high-quality leads and acquiring new clients. There are many different kinds of Google Ads campaigns you can create. Still, the platform on its own gives you a massive opportunity to dominate your local region and generate hot leads on autopilot.

If you're interested in generating more plumbing leads, then keep reading this blog post.

1. Keyword Research

As you should do in any PPC campaign, you need to research the keywords you want to target. There are many keywords available to you on the Google Ads platform, but some are more expensive than others. So, your PPC manager needs to decide what your maximum bid is per click to ensure that you don't overspend your monthly advertising budget. In this keyword research phase, be sure to identify negative keywords off the bat that you don't spend your budgets on. The goal here is to plan out which keywords will generate the highest return-on-investment with the lowest cost-per-result.

2. Landing Page Design

When running Google Ads to convert clicks into conversions, you can't just point website visitors to a general website page and expect them to take your desired action, like submitting their information for a free site visit (that's a solid offer, by the way). You need to design a highly-optimized landing page that is optimized for conversions.

For example, some things you can do are, but not limited to:

  • Make sure that your logo is not hyperlinked, so they can't go back to the homepage;

  • Include a contact form so people can submit their contact information to you;

  • Implement social proof, whether it be testimonials or logos;

  • Videos are more engaging than copy, so find a way to integrate video;

  • Etc.

Having a landing page designed and optimized for conversions will significantly help increase your conversion rate, and you'll generate more leads from doing so.

3. On-Going Management

Just because you've researched your keywords, designed a landing page, and activated your campaign doesn't mean that the job is done. That's far from the truth, unfortunately. Search engine marketing is a full-time job and should be treated as such. To spend your advertising budget most effectively, you need to continuously optimize your campaign to get your cost-per-click and cost-per-lead down. Granted, these kinds of results come with more campaign history, but it's something you have to stay on top of. As we mentioned before, negative keywords could drain your overall budget, so continuously identifying negative keywords could be one of the ways you can optimize your campaign. Whether you're managing your Google Ads campaign or hiring a digital marketing agency, make sure that they're managing your campaign month-to-month; that is what the management fee is for.


As you can see, using Google Ads is a great way to generate plumbing leads. But, you have to know what you're doing and how to spend your advertising budget most efficiently.

If you own a plumbing business and are looking for a plumbing lead generation company, The Dillon Ross Group can help. We design fully-managed PPC campaigns on Google Ads to help companies to generate leads on autopilot. If that sounds like something you need and want, contact us today.


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