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How to Execute Product Shoots at Home

Everyone likes showing off their products. One of the best ways to show off products amid COVID-19 is an at-home product photo shoot. Yes, you heard me: photo shoots for your products! As daunting as that may sound, they are profitable and very important for product success. For the best, most clean, and most effective at-home product shoot, there are 5 steps you must be sure to complete.

Start with a blank background: A blank background, think a bare wall or sheet, is a perfect way to ensure your photos will look clean, crisp, and ready to be interacted with on social media or your website. Make sure your background is free of smudges, wrinkles, or stains.

Think of color: You need to be thoughtful of your color choices when it comes to your photoshoot. If your product is red, try avoiding colors that clash with your red. Neutral tones like grey, white, and muted green are great places to start.

Show off your product: Your product, or the thing you are selling, needs to be front and center. Follow basic principles like the rule of thirds to ensure the best quality photos. Remember, your photos will need to be formatted on your website, social media, and banners or pixels, so make sure the photos are well-thought-out and ready for public adoption.

Think of some copy first: When executing an at-home photo shoot, have some copy already approved and ready to be associated with your photos. If you have copy that is well-written and interesting, that can be a great place to start when thinking of how to execute a successful photo shoot. Use creative words, angles, and ideas for the best photo shoot results.

Use what you have: Using what you have is the best advice for an at-home photo shoot. Whether you are using an old coffee mug, used cooler, or mirror from your bedroom, use what you have creatively. If you have good lighting, good copy, and a good idea, your photoshoot will work. Keep trying and get shooting! Need help conceptualizing an at-home photoshoot? Contact us to get started!


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