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How to Apply Simple Principles to Your Branding For Results

Branding is bigger than you. 

“Inconsistent branding doesn't only impact your customers — it hurts employee morale too.” - Dillon Ross 

Branding is more than saying, “Oh, I love that brand of shoe.” No, really. Branding is the creation, upkeep, and promotion of a product, company, or service to the public. Going into the next half of 2020, you need to make sure your branding is ready to face the public. 

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Branding is broken down into the '3P Principle': 

Public, Private, Productivity. 

Public: Branding is most important as you are setting an example of how audiences are to adopt and interact with your brand. You need to make sure that your branding is welcoming, inclusive, and interesting. Why? Our world is competitive and people expect the most wholesome and inclusive content out of every brand. Highlight your individuality, but add that extra language adaptability to your website or more inclusive uses of “hello” in emails. When the public gets hooked on your brand and what you are offering, they will post and talk about it. Use creative ideas to get your public audience involved! Your brand is way bigger than just you; the general public can do more for your brand than you can imagine. 

Private: If your internal brand does not match your external one, you will have major issues in your culture. If your external branding focuses on welcoming or energizing your audience, your internal brand needs to do the same. Remember, your brand is your base and core. However, without your employees you would not have any public brand at all. So, be sure to match your external energy with your internal one. If your employees are not happy to be wearing, using, or endorsing your brand you need to do a brand audit. Need help auditing and fixing your brand? The Dillon Ross Group knows about brands. Let’s work together today. 

Productivity: Your brand cannot keep changing. It is very acceptable to re-brand a few times to keep up with the market. However, with a mid to large brand, you need to have a reliable community manager or similar liaison between your brand, messaging, and audience. Your audience expects to recognize your brand whenever they are looking for certain products or services. Additionally, you will see profits go up when your branding is consistent and productive. Don’t be scared to be pushing out reliable, good content as much as you can. You want your audiences and consumers to love and represent your brand with pride. Look at Nike; everyone loves Nike’s branding. In fact, there is no missing a Nike branding example. Keep up your excellent work and don't ever give up on authentic branding. 

Consistency and productive branding is branding that works. 


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