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Five Ways To Grow Your Business On Twitter

Promoting one's business via Twitter could be ideal if one is well aware of how to use it to provide the company with the best opportunities for growth. Using Twitter to promote your business is not easy, but it neither impossible. One needs to have a thorough knowledge and command over various techniques to incorporate into practice to expand and grow their business. 

The following are a few ways one can quickly gain more followers on their Twitter account; they will be able to promote their business activities and get their respective customers to engage with their accounts.

Determine Goals

The most realistic way to implement a Twitter growth strategy to succeed is to set goals beforehand. When one does not have any milestones to reach, it will be hard for them to track their performance or growth, leading to them making mistakes without noticing. The goals one can set for their business to achieve through the Twitter platform could be of generating more leads, getting more traffic towards their business website, build a network, improving their customer service, and getting more followers for the page. Every business will have different goals that they're trying to attain via Twitter, but remember to make reasonable, attainable, and measurable goals.

Active Followers are Better Than Passive Followers

On Twitter, a business's primary concern should not be to have the highest number of followers. First, the company should focus on having followers who actively interact and engage in conversations or activities that may take place on your Twitter page. An active follower is better than a few passive followers who don't engage with your page. Do not strive for quantity; prefer having quality followers over a large amount of them (if you can find a way to build both a large amount of active Twitter followers, great!). One can do so by gaining a good exposure through Twitter chats; with this, one can easily interact with users with big networks, industry intellect, and knowledge that they spark a conversation like any other thing. This approach could prove to be highly beneficial for the business.

Maintain A Schedule

Maintaining a content schedule of when to post to Twitter and determining what to write in each post could benefit your companies Twitter analytics drastically. Creating and then keeping a social strategy on Twitter will help a business prepare beforehand so that posts will look more organized, thought-provoking, and engage more people.

Another tip is never to forget to add links to your tweets so that users are inclined to retweet them. Having your content retweeted is essential. If you are unaware of what retweeting on Twitter means, it refers to a user resharing your content to their page, which then multiplies your exposure.

Make Use Of Twitter Ads

Making good and smart use of Twitter ads is one way of indulging in a whole new world. It gives the business a massive exposure to selective, targeted audiences. A company can promote their business through ads on Twitter in the following ways: promote a specific tweet, promote the whole business account, or promote an on-going trend. All three of these ad types will lead new Twitter users to discover your page, and then allow you to acquire more followers and potential customers.

Videos Go Viral

The highest engaging form of content is video. Promoting videos through Twitter gains fairly more reach than say written or photo content. Videos can lure and attract far more customers based on how engaging they are and can quickly go viral, making your business trending, aiding not only potential followers but also future customers.

Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms to promote business and individual growth of all sorts. Effective use of such platforms can aid in transforming the dynamics of one's business. If you need help integrating social media strategies, or creating content for social media, contact our new business team and let's get started on your social media marketing.


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