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It's Time for SEO and Social Media Strategies to Be Linked

Social media strategies are more than just having exuberant colors, funny captions, and profitable brand deals. Social media strategies can help more than just your surface-level brand. One element that good social media strategies can directly affect is your SEO. If you need to know more about how SEO is developed, check out The Dillon Ross Group's SEO information here!

If you want to be the highest-ranked influencer or brand in your industry, your social media accounts need to be able to be found online--and quickly. If you think of the contacts list on your phone, you probably know the first and last name of maybe half of the contacts. Consumers feel the same way about influencers. If they see your brand’s post or a picture of you on a sponsored vacation—they may like your outfit, but probably won’t remember your name. However, with an excellent social media strategy that incorporates SEO techniques, consumers can find you again thanks to a tag, industry relationship, or stand-out fact.

1. The first way to incorporate good SEO principles is to include them in your social media posts. Let’s take a post on Instagram, for example. Look at the way that these text examples incorporate SEO principles.

Option 1 (without SEO):

I had a good time in Hawaii. My favorite water bottle kept me hydrated all weekend. No idea why they chose me to go on this all-expense-paid vacation. Look at their website if you have a chance! I love trying to support the environment.

Option 2 (with SEO):

Do you like vacations? Do you like travelling? Cabo is breathtaking in April! Thanks to @WaterBottlesInc, I was lucky enough to travel to Cabo for the weekend. All my travelling must-haves, as well as the vacation sweepstakes through @WaterBottlesInc, are linked to my photo! Thanks, @WaterBottlesInc, for supporting my sustainable environment initiatives!

The first example post is awkwardly worded, uninteresting, and random. Option two, on the other hand, is attractive, links all the brand deals the influencer may have, and easy to read.

When drafting social media posts with SEO principles in mind, be thoughtful of your words, how long your sentences are, and how you are thanking the brands that support your mission!

2. The second way that a social media strategy and SEO principles can work together is by utilizing blogs. Blogs are a great way to prove your industry place. If you are a small fashion designer and want to be found more readily online, write blogs. But, write blogs about things you know and are relevant to your brand. So, if your fashion brand is getting off the ground, maybe write about the fabric types you use and why, your favorite draping techniques, or the reason you are the person that can and should design the next modern adaptation of the A-Line skirt. Therefore, if a consumer is searching for ideas for fabric types themselves, they may end up on your site, see your designs, and reach out, resulting in profits. Or, on the other hand, if a consumer needs a fashion designer, but their other options have bad or no websites, and poor showcases, you can prove why you and your brand is trustworthy.

Let your knowledge flow with blogs and relevant, key-word posts that are shared on social media and your site.

Don’t be afraid to brag a little on your social media presence. You know you are the best at what you do--prove it. Need help crafting a thoughtful social media strategy? Connect with The Dillon Ross Group and let’s talk about how we empower brands to shine.


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