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Do Social Media Captions Really Matter?

The Dillon Ross Group knows a thing or two about social media captions. #SPRINGBREAKERS2017 #AnothaDayAnothaPool and #QuarantineMoods are among the millions of social media captions and hashtags that float around the internet. Whether you are scrolling on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, there are captions on photos, posts, memes, and articles. Social media captions matter.

Whether you are a brand, service, or company, your social media captions can determine a lot about you: assumptions on size, influence, engagement, and perception. 

There are 3 essential elements you must include to your post captions to ensure your captions are relevant, appropriate, and profitable.

Punchy words. Proper grammar. Relevant keywords. 

1) Punchy Words: 

“Punchy” may sound like a world you would see on a high school English paper, but punchy (or precise) language is essential. By “punchy,” you need to include specific words and make sure your word choices mean what you want them to. If you add too much slang, or too many code words, or certain demographic language, you are not using punchy words; you are getting lost in your own sentences. Be thoughtful, specific, and careful with your word choices. If you want something said, say it. But, on your journey to a good caption, don’t lose your meanings in other words, ideas, and double-meanings that have found their way into the English language. 

2) Proper Grammar: 

Proper grammar is important. Really important. When your social media post has bad grammar, you will lose a significant base of interest because many people value proper grammar. Some good ways to ensure your grammar is up to par is to use Grammarly or your local copywriter or editor. It is essential to have polished, concise messaging on your social media pages! Don’t lose audiences with improper grammar. Some of your hashtags can be trendy and full of abbreviations, but for your captions, make them proper!

3) Relevant Keywords:

SEO and PPC elements are always welcome in social media captions. One element that is specifically needed: keyword utilization! When writing captions for social media, knowing what keywords or hashtags to use is critical in the development of your post. For best reach, use keywords that are relevant to your post, service, or brand. For example, #FashionLooksFall tells users what you offer at your pop-up shop! Or #TestYourTaxGuy tells audiences you can help ensure your taxes are done correctly. 

The Dillon Ross Group is in the same boat as you. We are identifying new ways to market, engage, and work with excellent companies with vast visions and grow social media presence.


Have an idea you want to chat about? Let’s talk! Our digital marketing agency is one of the best in the NJ/NYC area. Let’s collaborate and work to make the world a better place! 


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