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Lead Generation: A Guide to Generating Business Leads on Autopilot

Without new customers, you won't grow your business. Generating new business leads is critical to the long-term success of running and growing your business. In this guide, we're going to look at a few ways that you can generate business leads on autopilot.

Use Google Ads to Generate Leads

At our digital marketing agency, we use Google Ads for our clients and us to generate new leads. Google Ads is the largest advertising platform globally, and it pretty much goes hand in hand with paid search engine marketing.

The difference between a platform like Google Ads and Facebook Ads is search intent. When users turn to a search engine, like Google, they're specifically looking for something. For example, if you're a caterer and are running ads that target keywords related to catering services, it's more than likely that people searching for your service are interested prospects. However, Facebook is a social media channel and not a search engine, so while they are useful in their own way, there is no search intent like on Google.

Google Ads presents the opportunity to put your business in front of billions of viewers. Here are all of the different campaigns you can run to generate new leads:

Search Campaign

Googles' main product is its search engine. With a Google Search Campaign, you can place your ads in Google search results pages. These are text-oriented ads and do not contain images, so when setting up these kinds of ad campaigns, make sure that your copy is spot on to increase the number of clicks you generate. You can create various ad groups and target different keywords to really narrow in on your targeting and lower your cost per action. For example, if you own a furniture store and are running search ads, you can create an ad group containing furniture keywords and a specific landing page for your furniture selections. By doing this, you're showing relevant ads to relevant searches, rather than have one generic ad for many different keywords.

Display Campaign

Display campaigns are highly effective if set-up and optimized correctly. Unlike search campaigns, display campaigns are ads that are displayed on the Google ad network. Display ads are the kind of ads you see on the side, header, or footer of a website. The reason that they are so effective is that you can target specific sites based on interests. For example, if you were trying to target audiences like "people looking for a new car," you can reach them using Google's display campaigns.

Call-Only Campaign

Call-only ads are similar to a traditional Google Search campaign. But, they are designed to get searchers to directly call your business rather than be directed to a landing page online. They only show on mobile devices because that's obviously where customers call you from. These are effective for service-based businesses like plumbers, roofing contractors, or painters. A great feature of call-only ads is the ability to set up times that your business can take calls. For example, if you don't want to take calls after 5 PM, you can set it not to receive any. Use call-only campaigns to generate more leads for your business today!


To generate more leads for your business on autopilot, leverage Google Ads, and all of the available campaign types are a great way to do that. If your business needs help getting set-up on the most powerful advertising platform, Google Ads, contact The Dillon Ross Group for assistance!



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