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5 Effective Ways to Market Your Janitorial Services

Are flyers and calls not enough to market your janitorial business?

These are good marketing techniques. However, the impersonal world of big business can be overwhelming for smaller companies. You'll need to be more strategic and creative to connect with potential customers.

Don't worry, you don't need to spend a fortune on effective advertising. Read on because here are 5 effective ways to market your janitorial services!

1. Distinguish Your Business

Take your business ideals and emphasize them as your unique selling points.

Are your cleaning services environmentally-safe? If you use natural ingredients, you could use this as your main selling point. You may have specific methods when carrying out your cleaning services.

Be sure to project these as essential to your business identity.

You should also know the worries of potential clients. If your clients have concerns over privacy or theft, ensure to emphasize your values. Check out church cleaning assistance by Prestige Janitorial Services.

2. Highlight the Personal Aspects

Don't hesitate to share the more personal details of your janitorial services. This can also set you apart from other businesses.

If you started out as a small team or if you're a family-owned and run business, highlight these. Funny anecdotes and learned experiences are also great for building common ground.

Personal aspects of your business can enrich your identity and connections with clients. These will also boost your marketing efforts and make them more tangible.

3. Establish and Use Your Networks

Despite the power of online marketing, local and regional networks are still important. They can open a bigger pool of potential customers.

Join the local chamber of commerce and networking organizations. Devote time to attending and supporting these networks. Doing so will allow you to leverage your business community to your advantage.

4. Target Your Ads Using Data

Online ads are also essential for marketing your business nowadays. These ads can geo-target specific customer profiles and is a powerful tool.

You'll want to consider paid posts through Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. Identify your most profitable customers and target their areas to make the ads work for you.

Local SEO can also be a great tool to enhance your online marketing. You can make use of local SEO data to channel more digital traffic to your website.

5. Attract Referrals With Incentives

Don't be passive with referrals. These are crucial for building a small business. Create a systematized program that rewards successful referrals.

You can offer some hours free or a discount on your next cleaning voucher. These will incentivize your customers and make them feel valued.

Incentivizing your referrals will give customers more reason to recommend your business.

Project Your Janitorial Services Now!

Promoting your janitorial cleaning services and finding customers can be difficult. Remember to use the 5 methods above to project your janitorial services. If you play your cards right — being strategic with your identity and in promotions—you're all set.

Looking for more ways to market your small business? Don't hesitate to read more of our marketing guides here!


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