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3 Ways Digital Marketing Will Change in the Upcoming Years

Digital marketing is going to continue to change; there is no question about it. How will your business change with it? 

Digital marketing is going to have some significant changes. The last 20 years were packed with prime opportunities to change digital marketing. Blackberry ushered in smartphones with touchscreens. The Lehman Brothers collapsed, and transparency was required more than ever before. Social media took a leading role in the digital landscape. More people started looking at their phones. Adobe was downloaded and used like never before, Microsoft, and Mac systems raced to the front of the line. If Steve Jobs were alive today, he would not be surprised that we now have no choice but to market brands digitally. However, as you begin to change with the digital market, how will it continue to change? 

There are three main ways that digital marketing will change and morph into an even more massive powerhouse in the next 20 years. 

1. Virtual reality will be used in marketing.

We have all seen the videos of people being tricked by virtual reality. Sometimes they hold on to air because a rollercoaster is going too fast or too high. Other times, they stumble as they "fly" among the clouds or see stunning mountain scenery. No matter what they’re looking at, it seems too real to be virtual. In the next 20 years, virtual reality will begin to integrate itself into places you would never expect it. What if a toothbrush ad used virtual reality to show the preciousness of the brush inside the mouth? If you have a 300 person party coming up in an event location, but you can’t manage to visit before, with a virtual reality tour, you can see the space almost like you’re there in person. We can also trust that amusement parks will continue to use virtual reality as an in-person adrenaline rush. If they’re smart, they’ll start using it as a way to advertise. You are at the top of a huge rollercoaster drop-off....nothing. The screen goes black. What better way to advertise than ending the virtual reality tour there and encouraging guests to come in-person to finish the ride? If you need help honing in on your brand ideas, contact The Dillon Ross Group and let’s collaborate. 

2. Leaders will advance their technologies to include new principles.

The second way that digital marketing will change involves the design principles that are used. For many years, companies (reference "Mad Men" on HBO) thought that sharpness meant professionalism. In 2020, traditionalist ideas are being retired left and right. Some in the airline industry are integrating safety rules on small TVs mounted on the back of seats.


Some brands are picking colorful, anti-traditionalist logos and graphics. There is a much larger acknowledgement for good, new ideas. Included in the vein of new ideas comes audio marketing. If you fall asleep to a podcast, play one on the way to work every morning, or have one in the background as you cook, you are indulging in the easiness of 2020 audio marketing. Whether the marketing comes in an ad, the podcast itself, or the graphic, it’s easy marketing. Twenty years ago, the cassette tape was still in. Embrace 2020 and take your marketing to the next level with breaking-edge virtual marketing technologies. In the marketing age of instant gratification, your brand has to be easy on the ears, accessible, and exciting to look at. 

3. Industries that have long been non-virtual will have no choice but to follow the trend or be left behind.

Some brands and industries have long been non-virtual. In 2020, that’s just not going to work anymore. We have seen substantial market shifts and marketing shifts in the financial and real estate industries. Many banks and financial firms have had to make adjustments to their digital capabilities. You can now access your bank on your phone, see real estate listings on apps and websites. However, as the digital marketing world continues to change, they need to continue to improve too. Social media will be the launching pad for many non-virtual companies and industries to jump from. 

If your company is falling behind in the digital marketing universe, rely on The Dillon Ross Group to get updated. We have a team of digital marketing enthusiasts. 

Don’t get left behind as digital marketing changes. Come to the leading side.

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