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3 Additions to Look For in All Blog Posts

It seems like almost everyone you know has a blog. Influencers, friends, your sister’s boyfriend’s sister, but guess who else has one? Your favorite brand or firm! Yes. You heard it here; first, lots of brands and service firms have blogs--and you should really be checking them out! But, some may ask, is blogging important? We, at The Dillon Ross Group, tucked in the New Jersey/NYC area, say yes yes yes!

As you comb through blog sites, maybe looking for relevant information about your newest diet, favorite new mobile app, here are three things to look for. Because, in the era of everyone being an expert, you need to be able to trust your sources!

Look for relevant content.

Not saying your hair salon can’t know a thing or two about greenhouses. Still, your hair salon should be posting about the newest hair trends, best products, or fresh cuts they are integrating. Relevant content to the brand or their service is key to trusting they know what they are talking about (rather, writing about). Want to read about some marketing, advertising, and trend-setting information first? Check out our blogs here! The Dillon Ross Group, serving NJ/NYC clients, knows a thing or two about useful blog posts.

Short and engaging.

No one wants (or will) read a 5+ page article about why you should pick their brand or service. It would help if you didn't have to. If a brand has short, concise, but exciting and engaging information on their site, they probably know what they are doing. The people (yes, we are people) who write the blogs want you to be interested in what you are reading. We also don’t want to make it complicated to understand what we have to offer. So, I will make a shameless plug here; The Dillon Ross Group produces thoughtful, well-polished content that can take your brand or service to the next service. Contact us here; we look forward to chatting with you over coffee or the phone. We are a friendly bunch of people who love content.

Something new.

When it comes to shopping, fashion, technology, or tech-innovation, lots of sources have the same information about what to expect, or what’s already happened. But blogging is not what you say, but how you say it. The best blogs are timely, surprising, and educational without making it something you have already seen. Bloggers, journalists, and writers all want one thing: to break the stories, ideas, and “you got this” articles first. But, to get attention, you need to do it in a new way. Whenever you click on a blog, check out their content, and how relevant it is. Want to see how TikTok can positively affect your brand? Check it out here! (We were quick for that one)!

At The Dillon Ross Group, we know new and different. Like what you see? See more here, and look at our team here!

Blogging is an excellent asset to any company, brand, or firm. Want to learn how to do it? Have an idea and need it put into action? We want to help!


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