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Why Are My Web Pages Loading Slow? 5 Common Reasons Why You've Got a Slow Site

Site speed is an essential factor in search engine optimization and is generally frustrating for user experience when your page is slow. It's crucial to work out the kinks and get it figured out before your business starts to suffer.

We're going to take a look at some reasons why you might see web pages loading slow in this article. Hopefully, the ideas below will help you troubleshoot the issues you're experiencing.

Let's take a look.

1. Low-Quality Servers

The first thing to consider with slow site speed is the quality of your server. Webpages load slowly when the server is poor.

The server is like a foundation for your site. It's the engine of the car, the structure of your house, etc. So, when it's not working well, your site will always suffer.

Free web hosting sometimes leads to slow servers. Other times, the server you're working with doesn't meet the basic requirements for your site. In that case, you should look into alternatives.

2. Clogged Database

As you start to develop a more complex site, you might notice that things slow down. It could result from the fact that you have a lot more information stored on your site than you once did.

A speed test should clear up whether or not excess information is the issue. When you find that this is the issue, you can do a couple of things to repair it.

First, consider minimizing old or useless pages. If you have thousands of blog posts from six years ago, think about deleting them. Alternatively, you could switch to a server that can accommodate the size of your page.

3. Distance from Server

Make sure you know where your server is located. It's not something like a router that you house in your office or home. Instead, it's situated in the company's home base you pay to host your website.

That means they could be anywhere in the world. When your server is located in The Gambia and you're in Canada, it's going to take time for that signal to run. Similarly, it'll take a long time for your customers to load the page if they're located in North America.

In this case, switch service providers to be closer to your location.

4. Traffic Overload

You might start to see site speed slow down when your traffic increases. This is a good thing, of course, because it means something is working! It's a bad thing, though, because people might get upset at the diminishing quality of the site.

So, if this is your issue, it's time to upgrade to a higher-quality server, a more expensive one.

5. Issues That Require Professional Help

At a certain point, technical issues are too specific to be troubleshot by people without training. In these instances, you have to reach out to discover more about what's wrong with your site.

You'll be better off doing this, considering there are thousands of complex issues that could arise on any site.

Are Your Web Pages Loading Slow?

If you're still wondering, "why is my website slow," you're in the right place. We've got more explanations as to why web pages load slow.

We're here to help you get back on track. Please contact us for more insight into web pages loading slow, technical solutions, and more.


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