What Is The Difference Between Boosting an Instagram Post & Placing An Ad on Instagram?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Instagram has gained tremendous popularity over the years, and it is now the most used and interactive platform available to consumers. Brands are now using Instagram to interact and engage with their audience more than ever.

The real power of the platform is the number of active users it has. One billion people use Instagram every month. Many businesses are now either placing ads on the platform by devising strategic campaigns or boosting their posts to reach a wider audience. If you aren't sure about Instagram Ads or what it means to boost an Instagram post, here is everything you need to know about placing ads or boosting posts on Instagram. 

What are boosted posts on Instagram? 

Boosting Instagram posts are a way of increasing the exposure of an Instagram post that you have already posted on your Instagram profile and making it reach a wider audience. You can promote an existing post, choose the audience you want to target (not as specific as if you do it manually), and the post will now show up on your target audience profile as a sponsored post on Instagram.

One key thing to note here is that you can choose the kinds of people that see the boosted post by deciding on factors such as:

• Budget

• Length of time the post will run

• Location

• Demographics

• Interest targeting

• Objective

This part of the process will help you reach your specific target audience. Many businesses use this feature to put their best content in front of a larger audience than what they have following organically. 

Placing an Ad on Instagram from the Ads Manager

Creating an ad from the ad manager dashboard is more complex, and you have the liberty to post any form of content.

For example, you can choose to place ads such as:

• Video

• Single image

• Slideshow Ad

• Carousel

One more important thing to remember is that these ads don't just show up in the newsfeed of your target audience. These ads will show on Facebook's ad network (Facebook owns Instagram), like Instagram stories, explore page, and much more. You can use the ads manager on your Facebook account to create and post a new ad to a wide range of people.

Which is a better option?

Now that you know what both of these ad choices entail, you're probably wondering which one is a better fit for your business and why? While boosting a post is excellent as a quick way of getting content in front of a larger audience, placing an ad is a much more sophisticated option to target people very specifically. This is because your boosted posts are more for a general appeal while an ad targets explicitly an audience. If your business has a smaller niche, you should create an ad rather than boost a post.

Besides that, boosting a post will only let you choose an audience based on a few options. This means that you can't promote your post to an exact audience. The Facebook ads manager is a more complex tool, and so it gives businesses the ability to create multiple target audiences and customize their ad, and it's functionality entirely.

A boosted post is a more convenient way to get your post in front of a larger audience and a great option when you don't have the resources or time to customize your ad placement. However, it is best to place an ad on Instagram for long-term success using the Facebook ads manager.

Final words 

Instagram is a great marketing tool if you use it the right way. This is why you should know how to go about it, place ads that will get you more web traffic, and hopefully convert it into sales. Remember that boosting a post is convenient because it doesn't take long, much thought, or creativity, but creating an ad correctly and getting it in front of the right people takes time, creativity, and patience, but gets you great results!

If your business is on Facebook and Instagram but doesn't know how to place Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, contact our new business team, and we can get started on your paid social media campaign! 

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