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The Do's and Don'ts of Advertising Your Business

When you own your own business, it can be stressful and overwhelming to manage everything on your own. However, that is the sacrifice one must make to be an entrepreneur. Recognizing how to market and advertise your business will make life simpler and your business more profitable. Here are a few do's and dont's to acknowledge when advertising your business: 

The Do's:

1. Create A Content Strategy 

Outlining a detailed strategy of how you will create content and when it will be published is essential for a successful campaign. If you're unsure of what to post and when, creating a road map will help tremendously. Maintaining consistency within all of your social posts is also a fundamental part of a successful content strategy. 

2. Understand your Audience 

If you don't know your audience, you will have a hard time marketing your business to the right people. Ask yourself this: what kinds of people do you seeing using your product or service? How can you cater your marketing campaigns and social content at them? Ensuring that the right consumers are viewing and engaging with your ads will help your business take off!

3. Measure and Analyze

Observing and implementing modern trends is a technique that will assist your digital marketing efforts in the long run. Being able to analyze the types of insights your content generates will help lead to more suitable advertisements in the future. 

4. Add Emotion

Emotion in ads can make or break the success of that ad. Consumers want to be able to connect with your company or product; it's up to you to make that happen! By instilling emotion into your ad image, copy, or call-to-action, you've now made the viewer feel like less of an ad-viewer and more of an intrigued prospect. 

5. Have a Schedule 

Knowing when you're going to be publishing or advertising something and what it is, can help keep you and your business remain organized. Being organized is very important when owning or managing a business. Schedules seem to be the most popular way to keep all aspects of your business and life organized.   

The Dont's:

1. Don't Be Aggressive

No one enjoys a company that is posting at all hours of the day or running an incredible amount of ads that pop up everywhere. Consistency is excellent, but don't abuse it. Be friendly in your marketing, advertising, and PR approaches and think about what you like remaining certain advertisements. Most of the time, other people might feel the same way as you. You can be assertive in your tactics and efforts but don't create an ad that seems to be aggressive. 

2. Don't Focus on Selling

It's more important to develop long-lasting relationships with your customers than to only try and sell them your products. Every ad should have a purpose. There will be ones that have the intention to sell, but your brand must first establish credibility and authenticity to successfully convert a sale. Your first goal in advertising should be to develop your company!

3. Don't Ignore Engagement 

When creating and running advertisements, use insights and analytics to determine what is working and what isn't. Upon viewing this information, use it to your advantage by adjusting your ads. Engagement rate, just like the third "do" listed above, will tell you a lot about the number of people clicking on your ad.

4. Don't Get Discouraged

If everything comes out perfect the first time, you're lying to yourself. They say the only way to succeed is to fail first, learn from your mistakes, and do it again. Do not get discouraged in your beginning phases (or ever). It is not an easy thing to accomplish right of the bat, so keep your head high and continue to try new, different things.


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