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Stop Ignoring the Signs That You Really Need a New Website

In 2020, websites are the first and arguably the most essential part of a company. Today, when job applications are submitted online, appointments booked online, and services are advertised online, your website needs to be amazing. But what makes a fantastic website?

1. Attractive, easy website templates

2. Excellent colors and logo design

3. Easy-to-navigate sites 

Your website may need a face-lift… don’t ignore the signs and changes in the market and let your great brand get overlooked. According to a study, users leave web pages in 10-20 seconds after clicking the link. That is not very long. If your website is old, poorly laid out, or uninteresting, that time could be shorter. Change that today

Three aspects of a website make it worth visiting and staying on. The first, attractive, easy website templates, is the structure for a good website. If your brand is not experienced in HTML and website creation, check out The Dillon Ross Group, and our website design services. If your site has good content, but is laid out poorly, people will keep clicking. There are hundreds of thousands of millions of websites on the world wide web, and if your website is hard to read, consumers will find a new one to look at. With websites like WixWordpressSquarespace, and Weebly, your brand has no excuse for a poorly-designed website. With a functional, easy-to-use template, and two other aspects, your website can be brought back from the dead. 

Excellent colors and logos are crucial to be not only being recognized but respected in the industry. There are classic logos like Apple, Adobe, PricewaterhouseCoopers, EY, and IBM, and there are a few things that make them memorable. They are all attractive, thoughtfully-chosen colors, and subtle, simple logos. If you trusted your grandson to play around on Photoshop for a few hours with no direction, it might be time to change that. You want something eye-catching but not ugly, relatable (think of Apple), and tastefully colorful (look at PwC). If you are a makeup company, add eyeshadow to above the “O” in your brand name. You just opened a dog-walking service? Add some paws, ears, or both to your logo! Your cartoon idea was just featured on a new HBO show? Use one of your own designs to get your name out there. If consumers see it, they can believe it. Make them believe it with your great logo. 

If you just looked at your two-straight-line logo and realized it’s time for an update, contact The Dillon Ross Group for brand consultancy and good logo advice.

If your company website has one or two services and five+ pages or unnecessary other links, you need to redesign it. 2020’s society is centered around immediate satisfaction. You can order Starbucks from your phone. Book a table through text. Watch TV from a portable mini television. If you have services that deserve to be looked at, prove it with a nicely-designed website and thoughtful content. 

No one wants to click through tables, unnecessary links, and dull, plain copy to get where they’re going. So please don’t make them. 

Cater to consumers this year with an excellent website. Use a blend of creativity, productivity, and useful content to have consumers come flocking. 


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