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5 Steps to Take Before Launching a New Website

Each minute, 380 new websites are created on the internet. The number is staggering and really puts into perspective how quickly the web can change.

When launching a new website, it's important to do it right. If you don't, you risk getting lost in the sea of new websites that make their way onto the internet each day.

Are you wondering what you should do before launching your new website? Let's look at five things that should be on your checklist!

1. Sitemap

Though it's often an afterthought, sitemaps are one of the most important parts of setting up your website.

If you want organic visitors to find your website on search engines, it's crucial to have your sitemap set up. This will tell Google about your pages and their content, allowing Google to give your site a ranking in search.

Once you have it set up, it's important to keep it updated. This will ensure that all your future pages are ranking in Google for a better chance of having visitors to your small business website.

2. Branding

Websites are the perfect opportunity to show off your branding. You want to make sure that you give them the best first impression when a visitor comes to your website.

Branding can be shown through the design and copy, as well as the overall user experience. For this reason, investing in professional web design is one of the best ways to provide your user with the best experience.

3. Analytics

Before launching a website, you want to ensure that you have your analytics properly installed.

From the moment you start to get visitors, you want to have an idea of what's working and what isn't on your website. Analytics give you insight into who is visiting your website, why they're visiting your website, and what they're doing when they get there.

It can help you make amazing improvements to improve user experience and retain those users when they visit. If they like what they see the first time, chances are they'll be back for more!

4. Set Up Your Social Media

Social media is important for businesses nowadays as it's one of the best avenues to reach your customers. Connecting your social media to your website and vice-versa allows customers to easily find and visit both.

These are two awesome platforms for asking customers to take action so it's a good idea to leverage it. Make sure that your social media platforms are prepared for the big website launch date!

5. Pick a Date

Organizing a date to launch your website is great for keeping yourself on track. You can accurately prepare for launching a new website by having all of the above done by your chosen date.

It will keep you and your team on track!

Launching a New Website Is Exciting

There's a lot that goes into launching a new website, but it's crucial that you take the steps to do it right. This will help to ensure that everything is done correctly and accurately for the highest success.

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