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How to Make your Small Business Marketing Equal Large Results

Small businesses are amazing. They are products of creativity, initiative, and deep passion. As small businesses navigate the tricky market, they pave new paths in marketing every day. Unlike large businesses, small businesses focus intensely on consumer marketing with small budgets. However, there are a few lessons that can be learned from large companies as small businesses look ahead to the next few years. The lessons can be broken down into: Budgets, Scale, Socials. 


First off, budgets for large companies are way bigger than small businesses. However, that does not let small businesses slack on marketing. The main lesson that can be learned from large businesses is the control of their marketing budgets. Although a large company may have a global budget, your budget needs to count. If you look at large companies and where they market, small businesses can learn a lot. When you are a small business in a small town, there is a lot of thought that needs to be put into every dollar of where you market. If your small business requires a digital marketing agency, The Dillon Ross Group is a great place to start!


The scale of your marketing as a small business needs to be strategic. Your scale is going to be smaller than a large business. However, when you think of the scale of your favorite company, model your marketing campaign after one you like. If you like the classic quality of the red color in the Coca Cola brand, choose a color that will become synonymous with your small business. If you like the way that Forever 21 markets their clothing to specific age groups, think of ways your small business can reach out to young, local influencers, models, and spokespeople. Your scale as a business of 1-5 will not be the same as Coca Cola, but there are qualities that you can mirror in your own small business for profitable results. Our team loves profitable results; contact us today!


We all know the famous Superbowl commercials. Lots of times, large businesses use commercials and ads on the night of the Superbowl to come up with funny, catchy ads and marketing campaigns. There is no denying that it is basically impossible for small businesses to advertise on that scale. However, you could be counting yourself out of the game too fast. Let’s think. Apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok can gather 1+ million views, likes, a matter of hours. Small businesses need to start using social media to their advantage today. You could acquire 1 million views on a social media platform. No need to spend millions of dollars on an ad for one night of the year. If you use social media correctly, you could get lots of views from clever marketing, ads, and messaging. 


Need help strategizing? The Dillon Ross Group excels at SEO marketingPPC campaignsdigital marketing, and branding! Let’s talk!  


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