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How TikTok Has Quickly Become A Great Place To Advertise

TikTok is getting much attention from different groups of people. These include the group of users that create content on their profiles for others to view. The other one is of businesses that have picked up this application for advertising purposes. But how has this platform gained so much popularity, and is it a great platform to advertise on?

What is TikTok?

Before we get to the details, let's talk about what this platform is all about. It was introduced a few years ago as a product of a Chinese company, ByteDance, and has taken the world by storm. People from all over the world are wrapped in the TikTok frenzy, especially in the USA. 

The primary focus of this application is to enable you to create videos. These videos are anywhere from 15 seconds long, and you can also merge multiple clips to create minute long videos. While users would initially only lip-sync to different songs, the focus is now more towards creating original content. The latter led to the formation of many influencers through the application and generated a more considerable buzz in the social media market. 

How Is it a Great Platform to Advertise? 

You might be wondering how this platform has so much reach, and why is it a great place to advertise? There are many things to attribute to the success of TikTok and how it became the go-to place for businesses to advertise. 

A Broad and Diverse Audience

The first thing to note is that since TikTok's inception, it has gained the attention of a vast and diversified audience. This massive reach can be accredited to the demand of social media users looking for new things to experiment with. TikTok offers them just that, and now it has millions upon millions of users sharing their content and viewing others' content on the application across 154 countries. 

Being on TikTok can benefit your business tremendously because you can reach a variety of people who will engage with your advertisement. While the majority of users lie between the ages of 15 to 25, there are also other age groups that you can target on this platform. 

Better Engagement Possibility

On average, about 28.56% of the users of TikTok open the app daily for approximately an hour. The fact that users spend a significant amount of time on the app itself increases your chances of your adverts being viewed regularly by many users. Also, the chances users of interacting with your advertisements or business page increase, therefore, leaving you at an advantage. 

Multiple Advertising Options

The platform also gives you pretty great opportunities to advertise your business in different ways. You can opt for six different types of advertising options. These include biddable ads, brand takeover, hashtag challenge, branded lenses, top viewers, and custom influencer. Each of these will make allow you to reach a broad audience and enable you to achieve a greater reach than before. 

TikTok has become the new kid on the block in regards to social media marketing. With the right kind of audience and the possibility of greater reach, your advertising efforts will be met with the correct response. Come up with the right strategy, and there is no stopping you from making the most of your TikTok adverts!

If you need help developing a strategy for TikTok advertising and creating content, contact our business development team, and let's get started. 

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