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How to Create an Appealing Theme on Instagram

You look up from your latte to see your friend standing on her chair in the middle of the newest café that opened up downtown. After a second of confused laughter, you realize she’s taking a picture for her Instagram account. You’ve noticed all her new images have a swirl of caramel-coloured scarves, coffees, and hiking trails. After a few snaps, she sits back down, happy with her latest pictures. After she posts the pictures and tags the café, the comment section blows up asking about the new location; you realize your friend added to her theme, promoted a brand, and added to the local consumer conversation. All because of an Instagram theme. 

Instagram is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing social networking service/application, especially when compared to its counterparts like Facebook or Twitter. On Instagram, it’s all about likes, views, and followers. However, as consumers begin or continue to use Instagram, their quest for likes, views, and followers begs the question: How do I get them? 

A crisp, attractive, and eye-catching Instagram theme receives the most attention. 

The most followed Instagram accounts are Instagram itself, trailed by celebrities like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner mixed with sports players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. There is one thing that makes these accounts so actively followed--a solid theme. 

So...what is a theme? A theme is a common visual connection that viewers can link with all of an account’s posts. For example, a dull pink filter, continual representation of a particular brand, or all black and white pictures can make an account’s theme have continuity. In this case, less can’t be more, so don’t hold out on committing to a theme. Pick a theme and go with it. If you need assistance choosing or developing the most attractive theme for your personal brand, do not hesitate to contact us at The Dillon Ross Group, and we can help you create an engaging, profitable brand strategy!

Not everyone wants the same black and white filter, has a brand deal, or poses with their favorite toothbrush, and that’s okay. As you begin to create a theme, the first thing you need to do is pick a theme that you can commit to, think looks good, and won’t be awkward or difficult to re-create in every post. 

Next, in your journey of creating a theme, glance through the pictures you already have posted to your Instagram account. Does your tail-wagging Golden Retriever always seem to barrel into your progress CrossFit photos last minute? Does your Instragam boast of all the travelling you did last year? (Tag your guided Europe Tour Company that helped you explore Italy, England, and Spain). Do you always seem to bring that one water bottle with you in every picture? Take any opportunity you have to create your own Instragam theme with brands, objects, filters, or trends you already identify with!

A lot of times, you already have a theme, and with some tweaking and conscious posting, your theme can launch to the next level. 

Also, make sure, even if you don’t have a brand deal, you tag any products that show up in your pictures. With a good theme, a brand will appreciate your representation of their products, and could even lead to a potential deal, special gift, or shoutout. Want to check out what our brand strategy for the complete brand identity is? Click here and see what Dillon and his team can do for you!

Lastly, keep in mind what audience is already looking at your posts. If your audience consists of your grandma, friends from college, or random people you met at that concert last year, they will probably stick around for a new theme. However, if you are a business, brand, or plan to create a theme that’s goal is to gain profit, followers, or brand deals, be specific in your choices and make market-friendly decisions. 

Whether your theme includes your local coffee shop’s latte, your own small business’s new services, or your favorite summer bathing suit; the key for acing your Instagram theme is consistency. 

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