Essential Brand Strategy From A Brand Identity Agency

How is your brand performing for your business? Do you have a brand strategy in place that instills confidence and trust within your consumers? Think of your brand as something you brought to a picnic. What you brought may-be the item that everyone touches or that nobody wants. It doesn't mean that it didn't taste right - it means that it may not have been presented in the best fashion. 


A brand is made up of items such as your logo, colors, font, slogans, and more. All of these deliverables work cohesively to create a robust presence that can offer a memorable and relatable connection with your desired audience. A strong brand identity is what can make you stand out versus your competition. Ask yourself this question, "Is your brand a true definition of your business?" If you said no, it's time to talk!

Learn About Your Audience

If you have a brand that's attractive on the outside, that doesn't mean it's reliable. Having a reputable brand means that everything is in unison. You have to know your audience, and when you do, you'll understand what they want and what they relate to. Once we, as a team, can understand who your audience is and why they look for companies like yours, we can begin. 

Recognize Your Business

Take the time to learn about your business from the inside out. Ask yourself what your goals and expectations are for your business in the next three, five and even ten years. Do you have a certain way you want your business to be perceived? What is the most prominent point to make sure your existing and future customers know about you?


The best way to decipher whom you want to be is to think of who you are in the eyes of consumers. Unlike before, you don't have to make a mistake in order to succeed. Please view your competitors in your industry and take note of how they have branded themselves and the efforts they continue to make. What are they not doing that you can? Ask yourself that. Doing so will help differentiate you from your competition with a flair of personal influence and a focused mission. 

Listen to a Back Seat Driver

In business, internal input and advice can only go so far. Sometimes, your stance on the matter at stake is too biased, or you find opposing opinions from directors on the direction to take the brand. Having external views is usually needed for creating a compelling brand – and that’s where The Dillon Ross Group comes in. We engage in meetings with your team to weigh our outside opinions compared to internal ones.

We also hold interviews with your employees, outside vendors, and existing clients. We use these interviews to discover what others think about your business to help guide proposed identity design concepts and branding strategies. We’re here to help you examine your brand and assure it’s set up for the greatest success.

Market Research

We provide extensive market research to ensure that your brand is unique and a level higher than your competitors. This research is a crucial step in ensuring that the final deliverable is something consumers will appreciate and express interest within. The branding strategy that we put into effect will establish long term goals for your company, something we will continuously work to obtain.


Cultivating a powerful brand identity should only be the first part of your marketing purpose. When collaborating with a branding agency, like us, or your in-house team, on digital or conventional marketing perspectives after brand development, plan to keep everything consistent. It is essential to ensure that they understand all aspects of your branding strategy. By doing this, you bypass mixed messaging and brand clutter. Misbranding can be the ruin of your business, as it can start a loss of consumer engagement, loyalty, and understanding of what you do or sell. Even within, your team can lose focus on the company’s overall mission and values.

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Does your business need to create a brand identity or rebrand from its existing character? Allow The Dillon Ross Group to help modernize your brand. We’ll work jointly with you throughout every part of the process to make sure the outcome accurately serves the business you have created.

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