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Here are The Best Startup Marketing Lessons

Everyone loves a startup company: small, innovative, and different. There are hundreds of startups popping up around the world. Startups lead the marketing of 2020. There is no question that with new ideas comes new marketing. Here for 4 fascinating startups to watch take even greater shape and lead in 2020. 

DoorDash was a startup not even 10 years ago. It’s hard to believe that DoorDash, something so common in our lives, was a new company, but they are. DoorDash has positioned itself in a great place in the market we all live in. Like a classic delivery service, DoorDash has made it human and technological at the same time. It’s like foodie digital heaven. Lesson learned? Make yourself needed and pick a great, simple, name and logo. 

GOOD AMERICAN is becoming a staple in fashion. Yes, a matter of fact, GOOD AMERICAN is a new startup and they are doing a great job. If you have not seen Khloe Kardashian repping their jeans, you must be missing something. GOOD AMERICAN has really amped up the partnerships and influencer angles of their brand. They are a fashion label that steps out of the fashion equation for success. Lesson to learn? 1-800-Call-An-Influencer. 

Venmo makes the world go ‘round. No joke, Venmo took off since starting as a startup. Venmo has one of the most interesting positions in the market of any application on the market. By blending finances and digital social interaction, Venmo has really excelled at their position. If you are looking at the marketing lesson from Venmo, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that they have become the “cool” app to use and edged ahead of CashApp. Lesson to learn? Venmo is cool; you need to be too. 

Skillshare is the personification of a new year’s resolution. Skillshare offers classes in different disciplines taught by normal people. If you are looking at getting better at sewing, writing, editing, or cooking, Skillshare has a class for you. Skillshare is incredible because they are inclusive. Sharing skills is a multigenerational, multicultural experience. Lesson Learned? Make sure your service is all-inclusive. 


Startups are awesome. If you are in the beginning stages of a startup or are dreaming up an idea, The Dillon Ross Group wants to help. In the New York or New Jersey area? Even better! Let’s connect and figure out how to brand and market your startup for the ultimate success. 


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