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Are Guest Posts the Best Way to Build Backlinks?

If you are a regular explorer of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you are likely to see a familiar word almost all the time, 'backlinks.'

Hardly is there anything you want to do in SEO that would not require backlinks. This term has gained so much prominence whereas, only a few truly understand what it means.

Backlinks are series of links from external sites pointing at a page on your website. The backlinks links contents from external sites to your site. This helps to improve the strength and traffic of your domain. Also, it is a perfect SEO strategy to increase the general visibility of your website.

Simply put, your website is most likely to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) based on the number of backlinks your website can generate.

There are diverse ways your website can generate backlinks. One of the most productive ways is via guest posting.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is a productive method of generating backlinks for your website. It is the act of writing publishable articles for another website, which generates links to your website. Although you might not get paid for writing, you will get enough backlinks for your website.

While you write for other blogs, links to a page on your website can be incorporated into the body of the article. A click on the link will direct readers to your site. This method is undoubtedly the best because it has proved highly effective through its high click-through rate.

Why Is Guest Posting the Best Means of Generating Backlinks?

It is no gainsaying that guest posting is the most productive means to generate backlinks for your website. Guest posting is not just about you having a byline on a prominent site; it also lets people know about your brand.

Here are few reasons guest posting is considered the best way of generating backlinks.

Guest Post Backlinks Are Authentic

Any backlinks generated through guest posting are considered authentic. This is because it comes from a more prominent site that has gained much credence in that particular niche. While some other methods of generating backlinks can be manipulated, guest posting cannot be.

It Gives Your Site More Audience

The primary aim of getting enough backlinks for your website is to rank high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Guest Posting ensures that your site receives a broader audience. When you write for a website that has gained more prominence, and you incorporated backlinks to your website on the body of the article, a click on that link takes people to your site directly.

This is no doubt an excellent way to increase the online presence of your website. The more people click on the link on the site you wrote for, the higher the online visibility of your site increases.

It Attracts Target Audience

You can select a niche you want to write for as a guest writer. You can decide to write mainly in the niche that your site also covers. This means a click from the authority site means a curious reader of that particular niche will be informed about the existence of your site. With this, your backlinks don't just increase. The number of people that know your website and the niche your website covers have also improved.


If your website is in need of generating new natural backlinks, we can help secure guest post placements on a variety of websites. Contact us today to get started!

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