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4 Key Skills That Will Take You to the Top in Marketing

So, marketing has caught your eye? Us too. We love it. There are so many skills and elements that can be valuable and set you at the top of a career in marketing. However, if we were to synthesize them down to a few, we have 4 special ones. The Dillon Ross Group has a great team, and we know what it takes to set yourself apart in marketing. 

Creativity is a must.

Marketing may seem like data, numbers, ideas, and lots of graphs; you are right. However, beyond the analytical side of it, marketing forces the people who work with it everyday to push yourself continually. Marketing professionals see what they can do with the unlimited world around them. You need an endless amount of ideas and lots of passion to get your message noticed. 

Convince yourself graphs are fun….no, really. Fun.

To understand your marketing and how you and your message fits in the market you have to look at graphs. No, you don’t need to be a mathematician, but your analytical skills need to show up once in a while. If you like whiteboards and color-coding, marketing is definitely for you. 

You need to be able to work with those around you.

Marketing is not contained in a cubicle. No, seriously. Marketing is this explosive ride of ideas, brainstorming and lots of whiteboards and phone calls. You will not be stuck at a cubicle or Excel (or Sheets) document all day. You will be pacing, thinking, writing, and trying.

Conceptualization and implementation all day long.  

Marketing is not developing one good idea and then sitting back down, sipping coffee, and moving on with your day. No, to advance at marketing, you must be willing to answer the client calls, develop innovative ideas, edit them, implement them, analyze them, and then go again. Be persistent. Your results will make it all worth it. 

Are you interested in partnering with a team like The Dillon Ross Group? Check out our careers page. Have an idea you need to get out to the world for your brand, company, or service? We love that! Contact us now, and your ideas can hit the market hot, new, and ready to gain you profit and exposure. 


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